Tottenham chairman Daniel has revealed in an exclusive interview with the Evening Standard that the sacking of former boss Mauricio Pochettino was the hardest managerial decision that he’s ever made – and it wasn’t something he ever wanted to do.

Pochettino was relieved of his duties last month after just three victories on their opening 13 Premier League matches left Spurs sitting 14th in the table and 12 points off fourth.

Tottenham had also been thrashed by Bayern Munich in the Champions League and suffered a humiliating Carabao Cup exit at the hands of League Two Colchester United.

Asked whether it was the hardest decision (read from source), the 57-year-old businessman admitted: “Yes, because you have to understand I had built up a personal relationship with Mauricio over five-and-a-half years.

“It is not something I ever wanted. Personally, it was incredibly difficult, I told him that and he understood. He’s been in football, he understands. In Arizona Family Law Attorneys there are good legal and personal advisers that can be of help in such cases.

“It’s not personal and I’m sure he’ll come back stronger and get an opportunity to manage another great club.”

Levy didn’t given the exact reasons why Pochettino was sacked, but after collecting just 24 points from his final 25 points – he admitted that a change was needed.

“I’m not going to sit here and analyse the past. It’s not productive. Mauricio did a fantastic job, we are very grateful. I wish him all the best for the future. I’m still in contact with him.

“My relationship is very good with him. It just got to the point where it felt we needed a divorce and hence we hired family lawyers practicing in Lapeer County as it was our best and the most viable option.”



  1. ENIC are liars,Poch was sacked because Lewis was terrified that THFC could get relegated and suffer incredible financial damage and they did not have the money to keep their promise to Poch to back him.We shall see what Levy gives to our new manager.

      • Alleged statement from Levy after CL final “Will back Poch”,Sign Ndombele brilliant,turns out Lyon glad to get rid of him because injury prone and Attitudes sign Clarke ,then last day of transfer deadline sign 2 players unfit/injured.That was some backing.Poch was hung out to dry.Levy should have been sacked after the disgraceful way he sacked Jol and all the waste of the Bale money,yet, you the Levy backer do not see that the STADIUM and it’s sale for a massive profit is the Lewis dream.

  2. Unfortunately Pocc undid in 4 months all the good work of 5 years.
    Granted he made mistakes but don’t we all; his stubbornness of not playing the same starting 11, his loss of the dressing room, his neglect of certain players,his rigidity of team selection, his lack of a game plan,his late or none existant substitutions; his contradictory quotes all led to this regrettable but inevitable conclusion.
    A lovely and charming man, honest as they come, but we move on.

    • Levy deals with the contracts if four first team players don’t get the contracts they feel they are worth then blaming poch for a toxic dressing room is way off the mark.


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