The Spanish media are tipping Tottenham to make a January move for Gareth Bale that would see Christian Eriksen join Real Madrid.

Eriksen is out of contract at the end of the season while Bale is expected to leave Madrid in the near future after almost departing for China last summer. Real have been heavily linked with Eriksen in the past, and the Bernabeu is thought to be one of numerous potential destinations for the Dane if Spurs allow him to leave next month.

Spanish outlet El Desmarque claims Bale has been in touch with Jose Mourinho since the Portuguese became Spurs manager. They also believe Tottenham are willing to pay €30 million plus Christian Eriksen to re-sign Bale in the winter window.

In many ways the deal would work for all parties, though there will continue to be doubts over whether Spurs can afford Bale’s huge wages. If it happened, it’s likely Tottenham would ask Real to continue covering some of the Welshman’s salary – is that realistic?

The report seems very speculative, but it will certainly get Spurs fans talking. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



  1. Just cant see Levy selling Eriksen AND paying 30M to get Bale. What would Bale’s wages be at Spurs…certainly NOT the 350K/week that he is reported to be at RM.

  2. If bale wants to play football for the best team in the world, then he should consider lowering his wages and play for the love of football

    • I suspect that if you were paid 350K/week to play golf or go to the beach…then you might consider doing just that . Hard to get injured playing golf or sunbathing .

      • The problem isn’t Bale’s personality, Bale is actually rather nice / likeable / funny if you watch him in just general videos. I watched a video where he was with 2 kids practising shots on goal and he is chill. The problem will be his wages. Spurs won’t pay them. But if he takes a pay cut then it would certainty be feasible.

  3. Comment:As you said the issue is still suppaculative let it be.Realmadrid will never swapped Gareth Bale for Erickson, Madrid could only pay and take. Erickson is ok but he is not the issue right now.

  4. At 31 Bale will be tidy for two and a half seasons ? If that …and if he stays fit.
    That’s not enough return for paying £30 m and giving Eriksen away.Unless we win the CL and retain it the following year.?

  5. Anything to get rid of eriksen cause he’s gonna walk for free in summer and he’s obviously not happy at spurs. Cash in on him for either bale of isco

  6. Only makes sense if it’s a straight swap without Spurs paying unrealistic transfer fee. Might just be feasible as Madrid badly need to get Bale’s huge wage bill off the budget. It would then hinge on Bale agreeing to a hefty pay cut and only having parity with Harry Kane. Plenty of IFs but might (just) happen with sufficient compromise on all sides.

  7. Dont make eriksen leave… just get bale to join with money… eriksen is good for the team… i bet the team will collapse with eriksen gone…

  8. Wages not a problem.
    Erikson is going on a free
    So forget that he is gone.
    That means in reality 30m for bale.
    He is worth much more.
    Wages over 3 years 350 so that’s 150 per season ott.
    Approx 22m over 3 years total 52m.
    That’s realistic.


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