Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho has slammed the fitness of record-signing Tanguy Ndombele after the midfielder limped out of Spurs’ 1-0 defeat at Southampton in the Premier League with yet another injury.

The 23-year-old, who has suffered with fitness problems since his arrival in England, made his return to starting XI after more than a month out against Norwich City on Saturday

It was unclear how long does personal injury cases can take? and what sort of injured Ndombele was replaced with, but the Frenchman now looks set to miss the FA Cup 3rd tie at Championship side Middlesbrough on Sunday and then possibly the visit of Liverpool the following week.

Mourinho said: “He is always injured. you are full of hope. One game he is in and then he is injured. It is a concern.”

It went from bad to worse for Mourinho and Spurs in the latter stages at St Mary’s after Harry Kane also went off with a hamstring injury and already looks a major doubt to miss Tottenham’s Premier League game against leaders Liverpool on Saturday week.



  1. Putrid sums up how we played. We seem to be going backwards with our new manager. Negative football,passing dreadful, no flair, please bring back Poch. I have been a Spurs supporter for many many years and some of the football we dish up is relegation form. With the injury to Kane and no recognised back up striker perhaps Mr Levy will open his cheque book. But knowing his record,that is probably too much to ask. I am one very very disillusioned Spurs supporter.

    • Not correct. The problem is that most of the players have been sapped of all energy under Pochettino. After 5 years with too hard training and due to a very small squad always playing 2 games pr week, the reality now starts hitting the club big time.
      Levy thought he could go on like this forever, but no. Unless the club get new players in the next 2 windows, it is going to end up where it was before Pochettino, regardless of the manager. Not even an experienced manager like Mourinho can solve this problem. Now, Spurs do not have even ONE clean striker the next 3 weeks.

      • I agree with Sig. A lot of the first team players are at burn-out – we do not have enough quality players in all positions to rotate the squad. Harry has not looked as sharp because he looks physically tired and is not given time to reach full fitness because he has no real support especially with Sonny laid up too. We have some good young players coming through but they need time but they’re not getting that as they are being forced on too soon and we look exposed in all positions against even mediocre teams. Yes Southampton have hit a purple patch but they were under no pressure against us – I think our season is already over and it is not the fault of the new manager.

  2. Agreed. But this is the pattern with Levy. Pochettino was an incredible manager and with the right resources he will win the Champions League trophy. He ultimately got frustrated with the lack of spending power and the lack of foresight from the chairman with what you do with players running to the end of the contracts. Levy has done an amazing job getting the stadium to where it is but for Spurs to truly progress he must step down as chairman. It’s exactly the same pattern that we saw with Harry, Pochettino, even VB to a certain extent. Spurs will never win big with Daniel Levy as its chairman we all know that!

    • Even our better players of yesterday look average. Alderweireld and Vertonghen look past their best and are slower up fast. A club needs to replace 1-2 players each season to keep at the top. We haven’t for Poch’s reign and will pay the price for this. To make matters worse Mourinho’s brand of football is unattractive at best.

    • I think poch is still learning his trade what he wasn’t very good at was keeping a lead, I think when he let Dembele go,we’ve struggle to command the midfield and the players brought in haven’t been up to it yet,we used to play quick one touch and close down players not any more .Think players sense that the team spirit is not what it should be Especially when a manager states he is thinking to move on it has an impact on the team and will take time to rebuild confidence.i think mr levy knows our defence is not quite right and Harry needs a good back up so it keeps him on his toes like the rest of the team

  3. I have to say we look worse than we ever have. We are shocking. No one is playing for each other we look so slow and we have no threat. We are just shit The manger can’t do nothing for us he lifted us but it’s back to square 1. Liverpool will hammer us 6-1 if we are lucky. Our defence is shocking. Centre backs so slow right back clumsy left back is not good enough yet. Keeper is shocking. So all added up to a struggle

  4. Mourinho should not been installed as manager, it was a wrong decision, yes Pochettiino’s time came to be replaced but we needed an upgrade in manager with a more attractive style of play and Mourinho is not that person

  5. N’Dombele was ever present in his 2 whole seasons at Lyon so hardly injury prone.
    Not his fault if he gets injured due to training methods at Spurs which in them selves must be appalling judging by how some of the players are performing.
    We will lose at Boro next week and our season will be over- don’t talk about Champions League; Leipzig are better than Bayern and look what they did to us.

  6. I am a Manchester United and I don’t Know much about spurs management. But I strongly believe spurs managements made a wrong decision of sacking Pochettino and bring in Mourinoh to replace him. Please how can you expect Pochettino to win without a strong financial support? Because is just like going to war without ammunition and just to let you know that Mourinoh era is over and I can’t see him winning any trophy for spurs with style of playing.

  7. Spurs have a relatively small squad given the amount of games they have to play both domestically and in Europe. Given that, it beggars belief that they have so many defenders (Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Rose, Aurier, Sanchez, Davies, Foyth, Walker-Peters, with Skipp & Sessegnon moved into midfield!); while simultaneously have just one recognised striker – Kane.

  8. Should have got rid of Erickson , Vertonghen ,Rose , Aurier , Alderweirald and Moura in the summer ,just lost all team spirit when we didn’t, how would you feel not getting a game when all these players who wanted to leave are playing ,at least players like Winks and Skipp give 100% when they pull the shirt on , we haven’t been good to watch for a year now and we are getting worse ,we was one of the first teams to do the high press , now we couldn’t press a shirt ,defence to slow no cohesion in midfield no movement or pace upfront ,total rebuild and get back to the pressing game when we were fearless

  9. Good Goalkeepers build defensive confidence then forwards must be instructed to always attack the box when countering = more penalties and corners and keeps opposing keeper under pressure you must attack the box guys that’s what you are paid for

  10. I don’t care we do need to spend right now and big. A whole new defence also Bruno fernandez and a relief striker for moments exactly like this with kane to step in and support son and mouras. Levy needs to either stand forward or bow out. Every other club once again spending tottenham also Jose. We don’t need to buy no one yeah best joke of 2020.

  11. Son can come back in and fill for Kane like he has done successfully in the past. Harry has been looking a bit tired lately anyway. The real problem for us is that Levy has failed with squad maintenance. You have to use every window to freshen up the squad, even if that means losing a big name, it might have seemed like good business not selling for two consecutive windows, but we have known for a while that Eriksson wants out and should have let him go 18 months ago for big money. It will take a couple of windows at least to sort this out, my concern is that Jose may be a winner when he has all the best players at his disposal, but does he have what it takes for a rebuilding project of this nature with the undoubted restraints that Daniel Levy will impose? You have to feel for Poch as he was not properly backed, you might put that down to the distraction of the Stadium move, but I also think he had lost his way tactically. It’s going to be frustrating for a while

    • The number of games for the size of the squad is the main problem. This is made worse by the fact so many of them also play international football. Nine of them played in the final two matches of the 2018 World Cup, reporting back to the club 3 or 4 days before the start of the 2018/19 season. Dele Alli has had 4 left hamstring injuries in 2 years. Eriksen’s agent says his player has a stomach injury which the club fear may become chronic – the club say it is “fatigue”. Vertonghen has missed matches over the last couple of seasons through exhaustion. Kane’s injury record over the same period equally worrying. These guys are not machines, they are human beings and they’re all going to end up like Michael Owen; Darren Anderton; Owen Hargreaves etc unless both club and country start looking after their welfare better.

  12. Trouble is we are weak in too many key areas, GK, both fullbacks, central defence, creative m/f, No backup striker. Can’t fix all this in Jan window, Jose will have to muddle through with what we’ve got, try & get top 4 then rebuild in summer

  13. No chance of progress playing 4-2-4 , 4 up top with 2 being over run in midfield is suicide , no wonder our back 4 are struggling with no protection.
    We must have at least 3 in midfield to dominate the ball . Dele is back to showboating ! Little flicks are all he offers , drop him .
    There is no passion , no fight, no movement …. Dele and Eriksen playing together ? … awful … sell Eriksen , Dele on the bench.
    We currently may be a “ one man team “ ……. Son !


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