Lucas Moura scored a second-half header to earn Tottenham a replay against Championship Middlesbrough after drawing 1-1 at the Riverside Stadium.

Spurs had fallen behind early in the second period thanks to former West Ham United striker Ashley Fletcher, but just after the hour-mark, the Brazilian, who had been having a poor game, headed Serge Aurier’s pin-point cross home level for the Premier League side.

Here’s how every Spurs player rated on the day.

Paulo Gazzaniga, 5 – Made a sharp first-half stop to deny Dael Fry, but was helpless with Fletcher’s opening goal.

Eric Dier, 3 – Tried to play offside for the goal and got it horribly wrong.

Jan Vertonghen, 3 – Miles off the pace once again. Caught out of Fletcher’s goal, too.

Toby Alderweireld, 5 – The best of the three central defenders.

Serge Aurier, 6 – Continues to look sluggish defensively, although this was one of his better performances, topped off by a stunning assist for Lucas’ leveller. However, he wasted a fine chance in stoppage-time, when passing to Lamela would have perhaps been the better choice.

Harry Winks, 4 – You can see why he’s been out of the team in recent weeks. Passing was poor.

Christian Eriksen, 6 – Despite being constantly linked with a host of European sides, the Dane put in another solid showing. Kept Tottenham ticking over.

Ryan Sessegnon, 5 – Another steady performance from the teenager before he was hauled off. Fluffed a decent first-half chance from close-range.

Dele Alli, 3 – Like at Southampton, hardly looked interested. Showed no quality at all.

Lucas Moura, 6 – Woeful first-half, but sprung into life by heading in the equaliser and could have won it soon after with a spectacular long-range effort.

Heung Min Son, 3 – Absolutely horrendous from start to finish.


Erik Lamela, 6 – Tried to make things happen from the moment he was introduced and looked bright. Will surely start the replay.

Giovani Lo Celso, 4 – Absolutely no impact.



  1. Very negative. I thought Lo Celso did well. And please, give Jan a break. Dier was not THAT bad either. Are you watching a parallell game, somewhere else in the universe???

  2. Gazza only a 5? Eriksen didn’t provide anything yet you give him a 6?

    And Lo Celso was playing progressive through balls. Best player in the pitch when out there.

    Dude. I seriously think you weren’t actually watching the match.

    • Drunk in a pub somewhere up north. I’d never give the GK more than a 5 ever. The most least inspiring GK in the Premiership. Useless.

  3. Watching Liverpool v Everton Cup tie.How refreshing to see Klopp giving the 2nd/youth team a game against a good full strength team;disrespecting the FA Cup but giving youth a chance.Are you watching Mourinho?Some of our established players are just not doing it and didn’t under Pocc.Drop them JM and give youth a chance.For all his faults I never thought JM was stupid, but now have my doubts.
    Mind you also have my doubts with Klopp testing his better players for the match with Spurs next Saturday where we might as well give Liverpool the 3 points without even playing it.

  4. Agree that Dele was terrible he made mistake 23 times and poor pass 12 times
    Disappoint Jose did not give Troy parrot chance to take Deles place in last 20 mins Dier might be suitable for back 5 as he made a mistake once compare when he plays midfield

  5. Son, horrendous?

    Oh my god I can’t believe you said that.

    Give me one, just one reason for your analysis.

    Own up to it ! I’m waiting.

  6. Hey Jake, I’m waiting for your response.

    Horrendous how?

    He held up well up front, ran behind brilliantly so often.

    What is he supposed to do if he doesn’t get the pass, or he’s buzzed with 3,4 players mostly.

    He ain’t responsible for the lack of support.

    So tell me, how horrendous?
    That’s a big statement Brother, own it or shut the fk up!

  7. Sorry Lo Celso is utterly out of his depth and hopelessly one footed, embarrassing to watch. Please get rid asap.

    Agree with the rating given.

  8. Who chooses these ratings? A guy with a white stick? Never reading these ratings again. Lo Celso looked good, Lamela worked hard, Erickson was shit as usual, Winks passing was good most of the time.

  9. I sometime wonder if fans are watching the same game! Spurs this season (and some of last season) have been a shadow of the high flying team of the past few years. I think we were very poor again today. I’m finding it very difficult to watch them at the moment, with so many of our players not firing on all cylinders. I’m continually frustrated by the misplaced passes, too much or not enough on the ball, this happens too regularly during the game. So many times a promising move breaks down with a misplaced pass. Every game is the same. The whole team isn’t playing with enough tempo and the ball isn’t moved from the back through midfield quick enough. At the moment the team seem lethargic and slow to press, they have no urgency at throw-ins or try to move the game on quickly. Something needs to change. I don’t want to get on the back of any of our players, after all I’m a Spurs fan. However this is how I saw our performance against Middlesbrough.
    Gazzaniga: Made a good double save but still doesn’t instil confidence in his defence.
    Aurier: One exceptional cross – numerous poor crosses! Worrying when defending.
    Vertonghen: Has been such a stalwart for the team. Looked so slow today.
    Alderweireld: Ditto with last comment.
    Sessegnon: One for the future, but he seems to have lost the confidence of his time at Fulham. I love to see him drive forward at the opposition.
    Dier: Still capable of the silly mistake – playing Middlesbrough onside for their goal today.
    Winks: Seemed oddly subdued today and made far too many fouls.
    Dele: Far too many flicks and tricks when in good positions.
    Eriksen: A shadow of the former player we once had. Only a move to a new club will prove to us if he’s kidding with his present motivation and skill level.
    Son: Can be our match winner, but so under par today. Needed better support.
    Moura: He is the one player in the team who can dribble past opposition players as if they’re not there. Tried hard, but frustrated with a number of misplaced passes and the giving up of pocession. Great headed goal though.
    Lamela: I love the enthusiasm he brings to the game, but he has such a short fuse he can be a yellow card waiting to happen.
    Lo Celso: He added energy in midfield when he came on but his touch around the box let him down.

  10. Playing like school boys. Why is this ? Still think they need the younger players and the oldies a rest. Poor hard done by. If I had worked like this when I was working I would be hauled in front of management and had to explain. They would then say “ theirs the door “”. Play or get out ! Imo

  11. They all need an Alex Ferguson approach in the dressing room. Play hard. Fast. Accurate or get out There’s the door. And we will have the younger hungry players who will run up/ down/ sideways on the pitch till you cannot any longer. Imo

  12. I am totally flummoxed by these ratings. I am also very surprised by the comments on Lucas. He was all over the park, so sharp into tackles, winning the ball again and again pouncing on opponents to win balls he was not supposed to. Then he gets his goal, which was well taken.
    Deli and Son were not their usual selves, but 3? I dont think so. They were better than Sessegnon, who for me disappointed. Áurier, who has had some very questionable moments this season, put in an excellent shift and was second to Lucas in my book. Lo Celso, who has neither had much opportunity or impressed in the time he has had, looked like Eriksen’s rightful successor.
    Winks is a bit of a worry right now, but hopefully will come good.
    It amazes me that the author of the ratings sees things so differently. Perhaps he should watch the match again and take notes!


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