Chris Sutton has ruled Tottenham out of finishing in the top four this season, criticising Jose Mourinho for the way he has dealt with the squad’s injury problems.

Spurs sit sixth in the table going into this weekend’s crunch clash with Wolves. The Londoners are four points off the final Champions League qualification spot, which is currently occupied by Chelsea.

The objective to finish in the top four has been made more difficult by injuries to Harry Kane and Son Heung-min. Both players could miss the remainder of the campaign, leaving Tottenham will a noticeable lack of goal threat.

Mourinho has been vocal about the problems his side face without their two main goalscorers, but Sutton believes the Portuguese has approached the issue in the wrong way.

“Yes, Spurs have got injury problems but I don’t agree with the way Jose Mourinho has dealt with them,” Sutton told BBC Sport.

“Has he got a point, blaming all their problems on being without the likes of Harry Kane and Son Heung-min? No.

“This Mourinho, who is throwing his toys out of the pram, is the one I think a lot of people thought we would see at Spurs, so it is not a surprise.

“Of course it is not ideal to lose your star striker and his main back-up but they have still got lots of quality in their squad.

“Rather than moan, Mourinho’s job is to get the best out of the other players in his squad – but he is not doing that at the moment.

“I am going to rule them out, for him being so mopey.”

From where we’re standing, Mourinho is simply being honest. Yes, his job is to get the best out of the players he has available to him, but the fact of the matter is that any side would suffer after losing two consistent goalscorers like Son and Kane.



  1. What’s Mourinho supposed to say FFS? Kane carried Pochettino’s team through our two good seasons (2015/2017, in case anyone’s forgotten), and the team’s decline since is due to his endless injuries, which certainly threaten both his long-term future and his potential transfer value, if Levy decides that £200k per week for the next four years is too much to risk on a crock. Not signing a striker in January was madness, and Sutton’s right that top four is out of the question, but not that it’s Mourinho’s fault. I never thought there’d be a bigger buffoon than Savage in the moronic world of football punditry, but Sutton takes the biscuit – a loud-mouthed, argumentative idiot!

  2. Nice one. Very succinctly put. Mourinho has become a bit boring of late, but I can see Spurs coming 4th this season and winning the league next season.

  3. This idiot Chris Sutton I’ve never had him say one positive thing about Mourinho he’s a hatter he must shut up look at Roy Keane he’s probably the most brutal pandit I know but I like listening to him because he knows his stuff he can be positive and he can be negative and he doesn’t pick and choose

  4. Yeah…. cuz u know all Sutton dont ya. That’s why yr opinion is always sought after. Talk sport, Sky sports etc etc…. Honestly… I didnt even know you were still alive… Plank !!!


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