Tottenham Head Coach Jose Mourinho reiterated that Troy Parrott is not ready for senior football – despite the teenager appearing as a stoppage-time substitute in Sunday’s 3-2 defeat against Wolves in the Premier League.

The 18-year-old returned to the matchday squad for the first time since the 3-2 victory over Southampton in the FA Cup fourth-round last month and made just his third first-team appearance, replacing Ben Davies in the 92nd minute against Nuno Espirito Santo’s men.

However, despite introducing him late in the contest, Mourinho revealed that he hadn’t planned on naming Parrott in the 18-man squad – it was because Erik Lamela was unable to make the bench due to recent injury problems.

“He is not ready, he is not ready,” Mourinho told Football.London.

The Portuguese was then asked why Parrott was named among the substitutes. He continued: “He’s a good kid, a good talent, he’s a kid we want to help. He’s a kid who needs help, not just on the pitch but outside the pitch.

“He’s a kid we’re going to take care of like we have since the beginning. And he’s a kid who is obviously going to have a real opportunity in the right moment when we feel it is the moment.

“Why was he on the bench? He was on the bench because Lamela told me before the game he was not even ready to go on the bench.”

Elsewhere, Spurs captain Hugo Lloris missed the game with a groin injury, but Mourinho didn’t sound worried when asked about the absence of his number one. He said: “It’s hard to say when he’s going to be back. Is it a big problem? I don’t think it is.”



  1. So JM is suggesting looking after “the kid Parrott”.
    Is that the same way he is teaching our defenders how to defend?
    I would really like to know.

  2. Defence is always in shambles, need to overhaul defence and keep lean sheets,. Lots of players don’t have the desire and should feel ashamed wearing the Spurs shirt, can’t blame Maurinio or Poch, need to invest in the next window and gets players who are willing to fight for their position, Levy needs to come to the party quick, no use having a state of the art stadium and no silverware to show for it. Supporters deserve better, the directors should stop lining their pockets and not invest in players and support Maurinio because he has a proven track record. There are much better defenders out there, Sanchez is not good enough I honestly think COYS

  3. Mourhino is not ready he dosnt know who our best players is .he cannot pick a side .he cannot motivate our players .he has no idea about tactical substitutions. He has no idea about anything anymore. He should have stayed retired .

    • What is our best selection then I ask you. Toby and Jan have both been found wanting this year against teams with pace. Today we played our fastest defenders and they still failed. I would suggest two things are missing from this team – 1 Sissoko for his workrate tracking up and down – 2 a proper striker big guy to go to for knock downs like llorente last year only better for dele and moura to work of. Had we had both today the result would have been different. I blame Levy for not moving wanyama on along with lamela (injured too much taking up a place). Replace both in the window like he should have and we have a chance. Stop blaming Jose for the mistakes of Levy and poch.

  4. That’s it for the season. Levy either comes to the party next transfer window or this will be a mid-table team next season and then the exodus if the best players will start. At the moment the future looks grim for Spurs. Yet again.

  5. We had a great manager .and needed to recruit to move we are going backwards .nice stadium not the right manager.whats next Daniel

    • We had a manager who held on to players to long and did not demand more. He also defended lamela and foyth too much. One is always injured and the other looks incapable of learning to stop over doing things. Poch is gone and by no means was perfect so let’s forget him please. Remember under him at the end we had one of the worst away records in the league. We were heading downward at an alarming rate try checking back to you see if I am right. I wanted the guy at leipzig but true Levy style we got Jose so back him and see how it goes because for at least a year or more there is no choice.

    • I don’t think he being honest we need a striker so let him play not shut him out there have been lots young players getting a chance you have players in the team not showing there form for the club l bet parrot will so give him a chance instead of waiting for him move to like man it’d

  6. Defence is a shambles because it has no protection. We’ve gone from a beastly partnership of Dembele and Wanyama to Winks!!! We need a proper holding defensive midfielder

  7. Been saying this all day. Had we had a proper holding player and a proper big guy up front jose could have played Toby. The fault lies with Levy and poch for not investigating and holding onto players too long. Why is wanyamma and lamela still at our club. Both have serious injury problems and both need moved on to free up space.

  8. Isn’t it amazing that we can all see that the team is unbalanced without a good DM
    RICE, SOUMARE someone please. Oh and a new defence – all4 need to be renewed !

  9. Mr. Mourhino needs to explain to all of us idiots WHY he takes off the ONLY SPARK in the team in Auriel and persists with Eric Dyer and Winks – How on earth are these players in the team? 99 percent of Winks’s passes are back passes NOTHING creative, how can he honestly be captain???
    Davis not up to standard – whilst Vertongen and Anderweld on the bench!!!!
    ALI is completely lost and has nowhere to hide! Ndembele is just not with it he’s not part of the game nor the team – the season is gone please GIVE a chance to the youngsters and for goodness sake get rid of Mr. Mourhino!

  10. What does Winks offer to the team ? He dosnt tackle , gets shrugged off the ball , he dosnt create , how many assists ? , he dosnt score goals , and when he does shoot his heart is not in it …just taps it , he has a good pass percentage , but most of those are sideways and backwards , when he dribbles , he rush’s into good positions …then bottles it ! It’s not a skill thing, it’s a mentality and lack of confidence ….I ask this if you had a highlights package every game …would you hear his name called ….NO …he’s to frightened …championship player at best as he dosnt contribute.!


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