Jose Mourinho’s press conferences are never boring – but his one after the Champions League defeat in RB Leipzig had a strange ending to say the least.

Having just watched his team lose for a fifth time in six matches and crash out of Europe, when leaving the media room, Mourinho was approached by what looks like a journalist, who said: “Jose, cheer up, it’s going to be alright. The season is going to be ok.”

Mourinho looked confused before being ushered out of the room by Spurs’ press man.

You can see it all in the short video below.



  1. So when you are 2 down, do you continue to play 5 across the back, and give up the midfield to leipzig, then take off our best player and put on another midfielder, then take off another defender and replace with 17 year old defender ffs, when whole game we need a striker when you had one on the bench…. We’re you trying to hold on to a 0-2 result

  2. Jose always repeat no need to rebuild at Summer He must be stupid because Spurs is second team in.league that concedes many goals and no strikers when Kane goes to another club I know for sure he will go to Uniyed in Summer then Spurs have no hope in top 4 in new season


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