And Trippier, who left Tottenham for Atletico Madrid last summer, doesn’t agree with the theory that Kane has peaked due to his injuries.

“It does annoy me that people are saying that about H,” he told The Beautiful Game Podcast.

“I’ll give you a great example. People say about his injuries, but the prime example is Danny Ings, who I used to play with [at Burnley]. I think he’s had four ACL injuries, but you look at him now and he’s flying. You can’t write anybody off and especially H.

“How can you write him off? It just baffles me. Everybody gets injured but it’s just laughable that the media or anybody can write him off. He could play at 50 per cent and still score goals.

“He’s the best finisher I’ve seen, probably him and Jermain Defoe in training. H is great.

“He’s the best pro I’ve ever come across. He doesn’t drink. Top professional on and off the field.

“He does everything right. He will score goals wherever he is. I’ve got no worries about H.”