Tottenham midfielder Tanguy Ndombele has been ruled out for the rest of the season with a knee injury, the Evening Standard have confirmed.

The record-signing, who has played just 64 minutes since the Premier League got back underway last month, sustained the injury the day after Spurs’ north London derby win in training on Monday and missed Thursday’s 3-1 victory over Newcastle United.

Speaking in his pre-match press conference ahead of the trip to St James’ Park, Jose Mourinho didn’t reveal the extent of the injury, but confirmed after today’s win that he won’t play again this season.

It’s been a frustrating campaign for the Frenchman, whose started just four Premier League matches under Mourinho and will now miss Spurs’ final two league games against Leicester City on Sunday and then the trip to Crystal Palace the following week.

Mourinho didn’t comment on whether Dele Alli will be fit for Sunday’s clash with the Foxes.



  1. Great! Our club record signing is barely ever fit, arguably over weight, injury prone as a result of both these factors, uncertain of his own position and what he brings to the team set-up (as is Jose’ and Ndomele’s teammates) and he has an apparent weak mentality (or lack of character) on the pitch. We did great there, didn’t we? Where once we could have got Ronaldo (but got Postiga), Rebrov (instead of Shevchenko) etc., last summer we got Ndombele and the inferior Fernandes, instead of Bruno Fernandes! Let’s just cut our losses …sell him at £45m (if we can even get that), sell Aurier and the other Fernandes too, and bring in a decent right back/wing back, a left back (if we’re getting shot of Rose), a striker to alleviate the pressure on Kane, a beast of a defensive midfielder, and push Lo Celso further forward so he can start dictating the creative play in the final third!

  2. IF you never start a game, despite scoring a good goal ,and looking like your settling in well .
    you get dropped , and (quite clearly) get shown no managers confidence (23 yrs old in a foreign country)
    Fact, this manager (?) likes older established players, he is NOT about player development.
    Players need guidence and help to develop !!.
    NOT get Ripped.

    • Ndombele has been here since last summer, so plenty of time to adapt, and he’s nearly 24, not 17!
      He’s got a brilliant contract, so no hardship for him there, plus he came here as a supposedly top class player already (not a ‘potentially good one’)! And you’re judging Mourinho, as too many Spurs fans do, far too harshly regarding many things, including Ndombele, but he DOES have interest in developing young up and coming players. You’ve only got to look at his squad introductions since he came. But first we need to secure that Europa League spot, if we can.
      Note that even Poch (who LOVES developing young players) probably realised he had a hard task on his hands with Ndombele. Although I agree players need guidance and help to develop, Mourinho DID work hard with Ndombele (at the expense probably of others in the squad) during the whole of the pandemic period, and right up to when the season restarted. Remember that?
      But he’s obviously frustrated by what he’s seeing from Ndombele. Mourinho hit the ground running nearly half way through our season, when we were struggling in the bottom half of the table. He’s had many players to get used to, work with, and hopefully develop further, but he has a style he wants to implement; while with all this to take care of, and seeing great players leave and others decline through age and other factors, he’s had to cope with injuries galore. Maybe Ndombele will do a Sissoko and change completely in his performance, attitude and fitness, but I have my doubts, and does Mourinho (or even us fans) really have the patience to wait??


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