Jose Mourinho was delighted when Tottenham appeared to secure Europa League football on the final day of the Premier League campaign.

Spurs’ 1-1 draw at Crystal Palace was enough to seal a sixth-place finish above Wolves, but Mourinho’s men haven’t quite qualified for next term’s Europa League group stages yet.

That’s because their fierce rivals Arsenal won yet another FA Cup on Saturday, beating Chelsea 2-1 at Wembley and earning a Europa League spot of their own.

Arsenal’s victory means Tottenham will now enter the Europa League in the second qualifying round, which takes place on September 17 – according to the London Evening Standard’s Dan Kilpatrick.

It’s unlikely Spurs will have much trouble overcoming whichever club they face in September, but Kilpatrick claims the Londoners will have to play three one-off ties to reach the competition proper.

All of which means Tottenham will have a busy schedule around when the 2020/21 Premier League season begins on September 12 – Mourinho certainly won’t be happy about that.

Cheers, Chelsea.

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  1. I backed Arsenal to win the Cup at the 1/4 Final stages and unfortunately I wasn’t wrong.
    It took Arteta 6 months to win a trophy whilst Pocc never did in 5 years and Mourinho probably will also never do for us.
    Says it all really diesn’t It!

    • Mou is a much more practical manager than Poch, he knows these trophies matter and he’s got the medals to prove it. Yes, we would all love to have Poch back, but our best hopes for silverware lies with Mourinho

  2. Utter rubbish. Arsenal deserved to win a final that Chelsea should have won but bottled it. Spurs are a better team but yet again Arsenal win a trophy. Daniel Levy continues to celebrate a business when actually winning trophy’s is more important. Levy is a geek who never played football or understood it. And therefore his is the single point of failure. Let’s see what next season brings but when I see how many trophy’s Arsenal have won since we last won anything with a large stadium cost I feel sick. Levy out. Seriously we will never make the step change with Enic as an owner

  3. “Levy is to blame bla bla bla because Arsenal won an FA Cup”. This season has been a depressing transitional season, however we’ve picked up the best tactician in football along the way. Poch was a brilliant coach but lacked tactical awareness in the key moments required to win a trophy. We played chelsea and then man u in consecutive semi finals of the fa cup where we had the better and more in form team on each occasion and we lost both of them. Jose will hopefully address the cracks in our squad and take us into next season ready to compete.

    Arsenal are literally a mid table team that have picked up an FA Cup against the form book. Who cares. We werenin a champions league final last year and we’ll have more such nights ahead.

  4. Enic, levy, bla bla bla…its better to fail aiming high than succeed aiming low. We have eclipsed arsenal in recent years in football, stadium, finances, prestige etc etc. Who gives a shit that they won an FA Cup, they would rather be in our position every single time. If Coutinho had a choice between arsenal and spurs, as has been reported, do you think he gives a solitary f2ck that they won an fa cup when picking which club is a better choice? Theres no doubt who the better club is nowadays…

  5. Noticeably no one noticed that it was that bloke in Red who does not watch the game properly.Having studied the Premiers supposed top refs.The worst referees are regularly matched forChelsea,Tottenham and oddly Burnley.
    Having studied all of the matches this pandemic season. The names Taylor Moss Kavanagh,Attwell ,and Scott appear as below standard. YET Taylor was awarded his second FA Cup final and on just watching a copy of his previous final. It was like seeing a mirror image of the same decisions.
    Though I hate both teams,Fairness was not shown to Chelsea. How does a team like Spurs expect to come good with Referees who need re training in rules.
    If a keeper comes out of his area places his hands in , the rules state Penalty and Red Card. Where was the imperious Critics Commentators and above all Ref and VAR.
    TAYLOR should be suspended,his poor decisions cost WOLVES a rightful place in Europe


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