Tottenham will not be signing Ivan Perisic in any deal that sees Tanguy Ndombele join Inter Milan as things stand, according to Fabrizio Romano.

Late last month, we relayed conflicting stories on Ndombele’s future. In an article co-written by the very reliable Romano, the Guardian claimed Spurs had opened talks with Inter Milan over the midfielder. But the London Evening Standard counter-reported that Tottenham have no intention of selling their record signing after just one year.

And now, Romano seems to be suggesting that talks between Spurs and Inter could continue. However, the journalist believes there is no chance Perisic will be included in the deal.

Perisic, currently on loan at Bayern Munich from Inter, would be an ideal signing for Tottenham as he is able to play out wide or through the middle. He also has plenty of experience, which would serve the Londoners well.

However, his performance in Bayern’s 8-2 dismantling of Barcelona last week shows he is more than good enough to be playing in the Champions League next term, something Spurs won’t be doing.

Whether that’s the only reason Tottenham won’t be signing the Croatian is unclear. In any case, it looks like Jose Mourinho will have to move on to other potential targets.



  1. Better because I see him flourishing next season. If there are any differences between him and JM, well things have to be sorted out.

  2. Ndombele will not be leaving Spurs this year and certainly not for a 31 year old
    I must say that over the last few years newsnow tottenham has speculated on everything except what actually happens. Talking about a under 24 year old might come off but Levy is not going to pay money for a 31 year old.

    • Has nothing to do with newsNow. The site is just a news aggregator and nothing more. You have written on who carries the news.

      Anyways, I agree that Ndombele will be different next season. He has amazing eye for a defence splitting pass. When you think we purchased Hojbjerg who will break up attacks before it reaches our defence, he will be offloading the ball to the likes of nDombele who will setup the counter attack.

  3. What kind of ridiculous article is this!?
    U reported a thousand pointless, untrue articles leading up to N Dombele signing. He is now our player (Despite yours and others attempts to change that dynamic so as to pedal your online poop)and yet, more garbage yards of nonsense re him and leaving. Club says we want him. He hasn’t mentioned Inter or anyone, can u and these articles please fu@k right off and find something less idiotic to do.. waste of everyones time and I had to comment given the foolishness of it all.
    Ive given u your click statistic And hope u take some More responsibility for maintaining what used to be regarded as loyalty, intelligence and date I say, integrity. Our club has morphed in to the self interest and delinquent , partisan circus like that lot up the road. Please, author, make a stand !!


  4. SPURSINCE82, I couldn’t agree with you more. I also agree with you too Michael regarding NewsNow. A lot of incredible nonsense/bullshit and makes Spurs fans look like a load of moaning numbskulls. No challenge to the mainstream idiots masquerading as sports journalists, just cut and paste almost verbatim, pathetic.

  5. Don’t compaire ndombele with ivan parisic with swap deal ndombele and skriniar swap deal is a good deal not for ivan parisic

  6. Get Ben Davies Dele Ali Erik Lamela and Aurier sold very soon they are useless players
    Get properly and recognised left back to take Ben’s place
    Get Zala to take Ali place
    Get Aaron of Norwich to take Aurier place

  7. Forget to add in my previous comment
    Get Sarr of Watford to take Erik Lamela place
    Anyone to let Jose know if you all agree with me

  8. Raymond Abernethy sorry mate you are talking absolute nonsense, especially about Dele. People forget he is still quite young in footballing terms. But he has been at the forefront of almost ever competition effort for Spurs and England since his top – flight debut. It’s bad enough when outsiders slag our players for little or no reason. So please give it a rest.

    • I agree with you on your comment. Once Jose can manage to get Dele Ali fully motivated and firing again, he will be very crucial for Spurs. There are actually very few midfielders in the world with the playing style of Dele Ali.


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