The first three episodes of Amazon’s ‘All or Nothing’ documentary about Tottenham’s tumultuous season are finally available to watch.

Spurs fans will be tuning in with a mixture of anticipation and dread as their team’s topsy-turvy 2019/20 campaign is played out again, this time in a much more public manner.

Club chairman Daniel Levy features prominently in the documentary, and very early in the first episode he has some interesting things to say.

Levy starts by noting that he understands the somewhat negative perception of him but doesn’t think it’s fully fair, insisting he is ambitious about taking Tottenham forward on the pitch.

He emphasises that ambition with a little dig at his critics.

“I think the perception of me is I’m hard-nosed, stubborn, don’t care, not ambitious,” Levy says.

“I think a lot of that isn’t fair. I certainly think I am incredibly ambitions to improve the team. They (critics) just don’t understand how hard it is to get to that place.”

Many Spurs fans are often critical of Levy, mainly due to the lack of signings and the way he usually conducts transfer business late in the window.

The 58-year-old will hope the documentary highlights how hard he worked to take the club into the new stadium, but supporters will likely continue to be sceptical until tangible success arrives.



  1. Really ,!
    Well regarding the squad it is not visible! Show ps a real lack of ambition, buying a lot of average players,
    Who decides what players spurs need? You or the manager!
    Who decides they are too expensive ?
    Other clubs are doing much better than spurs!
    Spurs continue to be in the shadow of the other London clubs and those in the NW,
    Lewis / ENIC are not not interested In the football , they are only interested in ££££££¥¥¥$$$€€€

  2. What is Levy’s annual salary ? Apart from increasing ENIC’s property folio what has THFC actually achieved on field…….nothing.I think a lot of fans have every right to be critical a chairman of a once popular team which is now one of the most despised clubs in football .

  3. Yes mr Levy it must be so hard. Arsenal get a new manager and win the FA cup and charity shield within 7 months. You have won one rubbish league cup in 21 years,because you have failed to back the manager in the transfer market. Your net spend of around 29 million in Poch’s time at spurs was disgraceful. And please don’t talk about we’re paying of the Stadium, as mr levy said it would have no impact on Transfers.In the 15 years before the stadium it was still the same. Most spurs fans no Levy don’t care about the team and winning trophies. He is putting himself forward in all or nothing to try and get spurs fans to believe he cares about the team.Well that boat has long sailed ,and until he shows he cares about winning and bring in world class players, and actually wins trophies on a consistent basis the fans won’t a lot of fans won’t have it and the pressure on levy from supporters will continue. We have a great stadium which levy brought in 7 months late and got a 3 million bonus for doing so, but we have a very average team and if spurs don’t get top 4 and win a
    Trophy this season then its time forLevy and Enic to go.

  4. I agree with you all, as far as I am concerned the stadium is the problem of Lewis and Levy, they will end up making enough out of it. The last twenty years have been torture. He goes on about the economic recession, yet he still charges top dollar for tickets, shirts etc. The problem is I do not think the pair of them are going anywhere soon.

  5. Haven’t won the FA cup in 30 years, league in 60 years – all you need to know about Rottenham Flopspur FC, chairman or no chairman.

  6. I think we can learn all we need to know about Tottenham’s ambitions by the fact that all the other big clubs are buying world class players and spending millions.
    Yet Tottenhams marquee signing is the incompetent Joe hart on a free transfer.
    Why we gave the one paced, error and injury prone Eric Dier a new contract and sold Walker peters is yet another poor decision.


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