Tottenham went behind 20 minutes into their final pre-season friendly against Watford – and summer arrival Joe Hart was arguably at fault.

Hornets midfielder Domingos Quina took aim from around 20 yards from goal and sent a powerful shot flying past Hart.

On first look, it seemed as if there might have been a deflection. The ball didn’t end up in the corner and Hart was unable to stop it going in.

But after seeing the replays, it seems Hart may have simply misjudged the flight of the ball, which didn’t take a deflection on its way past him.

Watch the goal below and let us know if you think Hart was at fault in the comments section at the bottom of the article.



  1. its all bloody levy’s fault , why can’t we kick the bastard out of our beloved club . he is a tight cunt . just through him out & send him to the alaska could prevent him to come back

  2. If you pause the video, it’s pretty clear the other Watford attacker (seemingly offside) is obscuring Hart’s view of the shot, so we might have to give him that. But that doesn’t change the fact he’s past his best. But hay-ho. Fingers crossed Lloris says fit all season!!

  3. It was a fantastic shot from the lad Quina but Hart was maybe a little at fault. Certainly not though for Gray’s expertly taken penalty though! Great win for the hornet‘s reserves!

  4. Give the bloke a chance. His view was clearly obscured by defenders who were all following the ball – no strategic positioning there!
    The goalkeeper is the last line of defence. The goal started when the ball was given away by the attacking? Spurs team and the failure to win it back. You can’t blame one player for that – you ‘Hart bashers’ out there.

  5. Watford fan here and I suspect the goal would be ruled out in a meaningful game as the offside player hindered the keepers line of sight. Still, it was a cracking shot, difficult for any keeper.


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