Tottenham are interested in signing Brentford striker Ollie Watkins, according to The Express and Star.

Watkins scored 26 goals as Brentford narrowly missed out on promotion to the Premier League last season.

The 24-year-old was also recently named the EFL Championship Player of the Year for the 2019/20 campaign.

As a result, he is inevitably attracting admiring glances from top-flight clubs – and Spurs are said to be keen.

The Express and Star, a paper local to the Midlands, claims Watkins is a primary target for Aston Villa this summer, but their pursuit ‘has been made more complicated’ by Tottenham.

It is believed Villa are not in pole position to sign Watkins because of Spurs’ interest.

Watkins would obviously be given more regular game time at Villa Park, with any striker that joins Tottenham knowing they will play second fiddle to Harry Kane.

But Spurs’ participation in the Europa League this season means Kane’s deputy – be it Watkins or someone else – will likely get plenty of minutes.

With all of that in mind, Watkins’ next destination may depend on whether he wants to be the main man at Villa or back-up to Kane at Tottenham.



  1. Kane apparently is going to play for England. That virtually assures any striker signee that we recruit to have game time at Spurs. Given past records, playing for England will mean that it is just a matter of time before Kane is injured, goes off-form or is “used-up” by Southgate.

  2. I think we should sign Ollie Watkins and Pay Brenford what their asking for him, this penny pinching Yiddish mentality is getting us nowhere sadly, Joe Lewis put some money by for new players please. Franks. Coys

  3. You’re wasting your time Frank if you think that Levy and Enic are going to listen to you or any other fan for that matter.
    Paying money for a player before off loading the deadwood is out of the question and even then the powers that be are hardly likely to pay the going price. in case you didn’t know, Tottenham is the only club suffering from the consequences of Covid 19; as you can see all other clubs are perfectly happy to go about their business of buying players.

  4. Just given up reading anything about Spurs in the transfer market. Some really good players identified, some real donkeys suggested and even a world-class contender or two linked. You sort of get excited at the idea of this player or that player and then we get to the last few days of the window and we offer £15 million for a £30 million player, the window closes and we are told, well, we tried but just couldn’t bring in the players we wanted. Look at what Chelsea do; they identify top-quality talent and then they buy the player. Then they win trophies. Only when we go out at the front of a window and do everything to get a player like Paulo Dybala can we start to believe we are serious and feel that other people take us seriously. We are just not in the same league as Liverpool, Utd, City, Chelsea and we are getting left behind. Even Arsenal look more dynamic in the transfer market than we do. Leicester know what they are doing and even though they are a smaller club than us, they know what they want, they identify what they need and they go and get it. If Leeds can sign a quality striker, if Newcastle can sign a quality striker what in the name of all that is holy are our board and management up to? Every Spurs fan knows what we need; a central defender who’s rock solid and at least one more quality striker but we are going to end up with a midfielder before that happens. So I have given up following what is being said by pundits, agents and ex-Spurs footballers because my bet is that it will all turn out to be bollocks. Again!

  5. Well summed up Jack; exactly my and all the other Spurs fans thoughts expressed in this article.

    I know that unfortunately this will never happen, but by all fans boycotting the club and not returning to the ground post Covid when allowed to, would show the management exactly where we are.
    No club can be happy at losing vital gate money, but it would show the board if we just carried on without spectators until such time that our desires were met.

    • i dont think that will help matters as all seats are nearly all season tickets so they have the cash anyway we are well stuffed ENIC OUT

  6. Maybe we just aren’t hardcore enough as fans. United fans saw what was happening and they set that man’s house on fire. The next day, Bruno was holding up the kit. Just sayin lol

  7. We don’t have to be hardcore as fans Matthew;no need to threaten to burn down houses; just “attack” the owners where it really hurts them the most which is in the pocket.
    With little or no income coming through the turnstiles(once things are back to normal again) will very quickly draw a reaction from the owners I can assure you.


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