Tottenham continue to come up empty in their search for a new striker, according to reports.

The London Evening Standard’s Dan Kilpatrick has provided an update on Spurs’ pursuit of a new deputy for Harry Kane as the Londoners look to add more firepower ahead of the 2020/21 season.

Unfortunately it’s bad news. Kilpatrick claims the agent of Red Bull Salzburg striker Patson Daka, who scored 24 goals in 31 league games last season, has told Tottenham his client wants to remain in Austria.

The agent is actually former Tottenham striker Freddie Kanoute – but it doesn’t look like the Spurs connection will help in this case.

As for Napoli star Arkadiusz Milik, who Spurs have been linked with by the Daily Express this week, Kilpatrick says Napoli’s asking price is likely to thwart a deal.

Understandably, Tottenham probably aren’t willing to pay a big fee for a player who will mostly be on the bench behind Kane.

That said, the situation is becoming slightly desperate and Spurs can’t afford to have another scenario like last season, when Kane and Son Heung-min were both injured and the team looked toothless up front.



  1. Whether or not Daniel Levy and Jose Mourinho have come of with a striker yet for Spurs does not excuse the above antisemitism in any way, shape or form. You are a disgrace as a fan.

  2. Whether or not Daniel Levy and Jose Mourinho have come up with a striker yet for Spurs does not excuse the above antisemitism in any way, shape or form. You are a disgrace as a fan.

  3. Same old same old with Spurs, it looks like we’re
    going to be a laughing stock again. I know times
    are hard but clubs are going to ask ridiculous
    transfer fees because they know were getting

  4. When are people going to get into their thick skulls that Spurs will only be buying a striker if they receive income from a sale or sales.
    In case you didn’t know, Coronavirus is only affecting Spurs and no other club hence even Newcastle,Crystal Palace and Aston Villa are spending extravagantly for them,not to mention the usual suspects Chelsea, the 2 Manchester Clubs.
    By all accounts Spurs are having difficulty in negotiating the purchase of Troy Deeney for free or a nominal fee.
    Levy will ALWAYS find an excuse for failing to get a deal over the line:”We did try but….” and the gullible Spurs fans will accept it.
    What surprises me is that Mourinho accepts the situation.Perhaps he sees already that we will be the first club where he will not win a trophy – after all there is always a first.
    The best stadium in the world,the best training facilities in the world; one of the best paid managers in the world and yet we always fail at the last hurdle in getting in the players we need.We are not looking for a team of galacticos, just in this case a decent striker.
    Pathetic mentality.

  5. The striker situation ended last season when Kane and Son were out. Showing the lack of depth in our squad. This season is worse as we have such a hectic early season. We should have prioritised the striker as our first transfer. Even if Serge Aurier is dreadful! Money is tight, Covid has cone at a very bad time for the club, needing full stadiums, but you can’t have one player in such an important position. The glut of fixtures starts now and the position not only threatens an injury to Kane but our chances of top 4 being over in October or November, not January as it happened last year. This issue has been since January and in 8 months it has been managed very poorly so far. Let alone the several years before that with only Janssen or Llorente as back up.

  6. Old Story for Spurs over transfer market
    Well done to Newcastle Aston Villa and Chelsea doing well with Transfer
    I can say for sure that Spurs Will not get new Striker anyway because of money issue

  7. I think it is safe to say that had we had a new “substitute” striker in place last season or even from January this year, we would very possibly have made top 4 and hot into the CL this season.
    Shylock Levy and the board’s reluctance to bring a new striker in is costing the club more in lost revenue from this season’s CL than the cost of bringing in a decent and not expensive striker.
    And they say that Levy is a good business man; please.

    • Levy will never pay proper money for any one. The only players he will buy are players with no other team intrested. As soon as he gets wind of another club intrested he will pull out cos he knows he will have to pay the asking price!! He says he’s a supporter but in 20 YRS we have surely seen by now he’s only interested in profit.
      He wants 8000 supporter in the ground now 4000 of them being the box owners!!!!
      That tells u all u need to know!!!!

  8. Asking price thwarts deal blah blah blah… never ends. Mike Ashley is more ambitious than Levy/Lewis. Let THAT sink in. Again, well worth 100 plus years of history destroyed for….being linked with ex Exeter City players and Polish no marks and even they re to dear.

    To dare is to dear.


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