Tottenham will be hoping to bounce back from their recent dip in the Premier League form when they travel to Stoke City in the quarter-finals of the Carabao Cup on Wednesday evening.

Jose Mourinho’s side were unable to respond from their defeat at Liverpool on Wednesday following a 2-0 defeat to Leicester City on Sunday, which saw them drop to 4th in the table.

But Spurs have the perfect opportunity to return to winning ways when they travel to the Championship outfit, looking to reach the last-eight of the League Cup for the first time since Mauricio Pochettino’s first season at the club back in 2015.

Despite being just three matches away from ending their 13-year wait for a trophy, Mourinho could shuffle his pack at the Bet365 Stadium.

However, Joe Rodon, who was an unused substitute against the Foxes, won’t be involved because he’s cup-tied.

Prior to his move to north London, the Welsh defender played 90 minutes in Swansea’s 1st Round defeat to Newport County earlier in the competition and is therefore ineligible.



  1. Watching my team today I realised they have become a mickey mouse club with no ambition. They have not changed from years ago. The stadium may have changed but the team is no closer to winning the league than they were in the 80s. Sad but true.

  2. I agree with the previous comment.
    Against Leicester today in the first half Spurs never looked like scoring, and in the second half a resolute Leicester defense prevented is from getting a decent shot on goal for most of the time.
    A horrible and unmecessary penalty was given away by Aurier after improving substantially in his last few games. What a great pity.
    Toby Alderweireld gave away the sort of own goal which I would never have imagined coming from such a world class player, but it does happen sometimes, unfortunately. Spurs were outplayed by Leicester who deserved their win. Where does leave us after showing so much promise recently. The tactic of letting the opposition come to us failed miserably at Crystal Palace in a game we should have won. We were a little unlucky against Liverpool and deserved at least a draw even though Liverpool are a much better side than us.

  3. What the truth hurt because it is the truth. We could have had greelish but got sissoko, lamela, dier, aurier, Davies, winks the list goes on. We buy cheap or we buy rubbish or we buy as ndomble case a unfit player with a bad attitude. Tell me are we any closer to winning the league today than we were in the 80s. No is the truthful answer. Liverpool beat us in the CL final and went from strength to strength trophy to trophy. Last week they beat us and guess what they went on to thrash Palace while we go spursey like we always do. Nothing other than shinny new overpriced stadium and a mountain of debt from the 80s. We are no closer because as is always with spurs when the pressure is on we can’t cope with it. At least in the 80s we won a cup now and again big mal.

  4. We missed out badly on Bruno Fernandes so we should go get Someone like Jack Grealish who creates so many chances for his front players, we are also crying out for a world class Centre Back and a Right back as neither Aurier or Doherty are the answer

  5. What supporters do Spurs really deserve after the performances at Palace and today ? The points made by both Jeff 10 and Spurs Utd are valid and correct. My first game was in 1962 and I’ve probably seen more games than both these chaps put together. I’ve been to most cup finals since 1967 and seen the good and bad of Spurs. Today’s performance was as gutless and clueless as any performance over my time supporting them. So perhaps Spurs are not the team my support deserves !!

  6. Well said Tony. You might not like what I say but it is based on are we any closer to winning. The latest joke is spurs go from 1 to 4 quicker than London. Truth is we have not finished falling yes as teams below us have games in hand. This excuse for a football club pretending to challenge every year needs to change. Sell the rubbish, loan them out get rid and get what we need. Levy and Lewis have given us one carling cup in twenty years of their so called success. I have a good idea let’s get bale back that is bound to work. Spent more time today fixing his hair. Pure rubbish that is what we got pure rubbish.

      • Oh in what way show me a picture of the trophy cabinet for the 80s and show me a picture of the cabinet for the last ten years let’s say. We have not progressed. Lovely stadium, great training facilities but more debt than when sugar saved us and are we really any closer to mounting a title challenge. The answer is no. The last week has proved this when the pressure comes we fold over and over and over again. Sad but true.

  7. All Spurs players should Help and Suport Jose Mourinho and Fc Tottenham to gain any trophi.
    Every one of Us know that „Specia One“ have won all the possible trophies, and it is not new for him (if he win again any other trophie because he have already won it before). But this is new for players and also for the Club, because they have never won such a trophie before.
    All Tottenhams players should know that Jose is here for you, if you help him, you will help Yourself and aspecially the Club.
    And Now with this Man you have the Chance to win many trophies, individual trophies and trophies for your Club.
    Trust and support him, because this is the Man of successes.

  8. I actually despair at being a Tottenham fan. I’m not a fickle fan who changes his opinion if we win or lose. This is based on a lifetime of watching spurs.
    The simple fact is, people can blame mourinho all they want but he put an attacking side out that simply weren’t good enough. We buy top 10 players, not top two players. The frustration at missing out on so many amazing players recently is the worse thing. Lo Celso and Ndombele are a combined 110 million at least. They have been at the club for a year and a half and not one of them can string together decent performances. Ndombele in particular should go while we can still get decent money for him.
    We are only one or two players away from being excellent but it is the midfield that is the problem and has been since before poch left. We need a creative midfielder who can actually score and assist and can keep hold of the ball. Sell Ndombele, Moura, Lamela, Lucas, Bergwyn, Alli. That’s 200 million at least. Go get some young highly talented players and stop missing out on top talent for a few quid.

  9. We need someone to come in and buy the club and put some serious investment into this club, then we need to get rid of the shit that we have and start employing players who actually want to give there all each and every game to this great club.
    I have been going to Spurs since the late 60s and believe me I have seen some fantastic spurs teams but I’m sorry to say this club has changed,
    I want steel in defence, grafters and playmakers in midfield and not look lost when then get the ball (Sissoko} today, and then pack that bench with the same quality.
    We have youngsters at the Academy who would have died for Spurs today and not treated it like a bloody training match

  10. Well said (almost) everyone. Let’s not get deluded here – we are a poor team bolstered by some early season results, now being found out. The manager is a one-trick pony and it’s horrible to watch. One point in nine with arguably the most potent strikers available???? Harry and co go missing in the most important games. They reckon Arsenal have problems but we’re a stones throw from taking their place in January. For a team that now apparently relies on the swift counter attack, our current midfield is an embarrassment. My granny could move forward more quickly. Suck it up – we’re only 5 points better off than same time last year. No where good enough.

  11. What they should do is start paying players on performance that would be at least 6 or £7 million saved this week alone.
    Let’s be honest if your boss called you to the office tomorrow and said I will pay you £250,000 per week don’t worry if you don’t feel up to doing much we will still pay you, well that’s being a Spurs player
    Kick there bloody arses and make sure they sit through that dross performance today and suffer like we had too

    • Jose’s tactics is old and in the past just like his successes. Playing 8 in defence and counter will work again some but not all teams. We have some of the best offensive players and we turning them into defensive players. So far we have been picking up points which have been masking our pathetic displays. His tactics might work in a cup game but he will not win a league again with current tactics… And so now and then he needs to acknowledge that he made a mistake and not throw the players under the bus.

  12. Kane and Son need to have another striker who scores goals. They should not defend their own goal area because they bring the oppositions full backs into the attack! They cannot score for Spurs if they are defending. Spurs sometimes need to play the old Wimbledon way by kicking the ball over the mid field win it in their area. I can’t understand why all these new players we buy always seem to end up injured.
    Yes we do need a new centre back who commands and talks to players around him. We should bring back Ryan Sessegnon who has scored goals. Now is the time to play some of the younger players while we are trying to establish a consistent side. Right now we are not consistent enough!

  13. Supporting spur since 1978 and I keep getting disappointed everytime it looks like they turn the corner . No coach could fix the jiges Tottenham have for years bad luck that’s no excuse it’s a fact Tottenham is the most unlucky team in the premier league history

  14. Guys we beat Arsenal, Man City and Man United. We have definitely improved, bar the odd game. I still say, teams and players deserve time. We had a fragile defence for many years, but we have been stronger in defence since the westham game.

    I miss Lamela. Its a pity he is injured so often. Ali, needs a run of games.

    Im also disappointed with our Leicester game. We had a bad game today, but we still in all competitions and only 6 points adrift of 1st. I say we can still win the league.

    Lets see how it goes.

  15. i watched spurs since 67 greaves and co,hoddle ossie and ricky,the great 87 side,martin jol revoultion then pochs time but watching this mob is hard,i not sure even jesus could win a title with spurs,we got covid bbc and this mob what a year

    • No sorry ravi we are not, this team cannot match Liverpool and by the time we play again in the league we could be 9th. Truth is for all we did against the Manchester teams we have failed against others. You don’t win the league with dier, Toby and aurier in your team. To protect them we have to play a system with so many behind the ball and we don’t have the quality in depth. Bale is done and should not have come back. Moura is looking rusty from lack of game time and Jose does not seem to trust our on loan striker. No sorry no way we will catch the top four teams it’s the spursy way.

      • Its only 6 points guys. Its not a sprint. The league is a marathon. We may have our hole team helping our defenders, and it maybe because they are weak defenders, but somehow, it worked for us.

        We could have very easily come back home with all 3 points.

        I still think Jose has succeeded in making us a hard team to beat.

        Lets see what happens.

  16. I’ve supported Spurs for 54 years and despite the early success we are going backwards.We’ve got to get rid of Jose,he is not the answer with his style of play.We’re like a team of crabs playing side to side and finding it difficult to go forward,no penetration and no idea how to and don’t get me started on passing back to the goalkeeper,i’ve seen that happen when we’re on the edge of the opposition box.We need Poch back and proper investment,what would he have done if Levy had given him the money he’s given Jose.

    • A lot of the players that were playing yesterday and this year are players poch bought or was linked with during his time. By the way he is not coming back not that I like Jose just you need to get over the poch thing. We won nothing with him just like so far we have won nothing with Jose. Truth is any defence that has Toby (past his best), dier (his name says it all) and aurier (the worst of them all) is asking to be thumped. The reason our defence has saved us is because of the way we defend now with so many behind the ball. If we change believe me we will soon have the worst defence.


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