“That is not enough” – Mourinho reveals his biggest concern about Spurs...

“That is not enough” – Mourinho reveals his biggest concern about Spurs after Wolves draw



Jose Mourinho has suggested Tottenham’s inability to kill off games is a bigger concern than the team’s propensity to concede late goals.

Spurs dropped more costly points in Sunday’s 1-1 draw at Wolves and are now without a win in their their last four Premier League games.

Tanguy Ndombele opened the scoring after just one minute at Molyneux with a long-distance strike but the visitors failed to build on their advantage and were under pressure for most of the game.

Wolves eventually equalised from a set piece with five minutes remaining, and just like at Crystal Palace earlier this month, it was too late for Tottenham to mount a late revival.

In his press conference after the game, Mourinho was asked whether he is concerned about the fact Spurs have now conceded goals in the final 10 minutes of five separate matches this season.

But Mourinho revealed he thinks the team’s lack of killer instinct is a bigger problem.

Via Football London, he said: “Of course it is a concern [to concede late goals], but I repeat it’s more a concern the fact we score early goals and we don’t kill matches. Of course in Liverpool was about the post not wanting us to win the match and it’s not expected to go to Liverpool to have five, six or seven chances and score one, two, three or four goals. In this match, against Palace for example, are matches were by scoring an early goal you must have a go and it’s simple as that.

“Even defending very well, which we do as a team, that is not enough. It could be enough as if we defend that last quarter we win 1-0 and maybe now you are asking me different questions. But my feeling would be exactly the same, scoring in the first minute we had 89 minutes to score more goals and we didn’t.”

While it was frustrating to watch Tottenham concede yet another late goal, it was exasperating to see the team attempt to cling on to a narrow lead for 89 minutes once again.

Mourinho is right to highlight a lack of attacking consistency, but surely he should be working on ways to kill off games earlier in training sessions.


  1. Perhaps the biggest concern is this clown’s ineptitude and warped way of thinking.
    N’Dombele, playing beautifully, is taken off after 70 mins.
    We all lamented last season’s lack of backing for Kane up front.In comes Vinicius and not even able to make the bench of 9 substitutes.
    Good to see our intentions with 4 defenders on the bench.
    We did attack earlier and were hungry for goals with great results at Southampton and Man Utd.
    Our clueless coach must have thought he had made a mistake, hence the change of mentality.
    Don’t believe we will beat Fulham,Leeds or Brentford at this rate.
    Absolutely pathetic.

    • 100% this…….we’re not creating the chances to put games to bed because of the way Mourinho is setting up the team.

      Why was Tanguy taken off then – best player on the pitch and so much more of an attacking threat than Winks

  2. The buck stops with the coach. The style of soccer leads to this mentality. Get a goal and defend. When you defend all the time you get tired and the opposing team smells blood. Most teams now know that they can attack Spurs in the dying minutes of the game. It’s been proven over and over. Tired of the coach blaming the players. Strikers need to strike not defend and attacking midfielders need to attack. The style we playing now is going to end in tears.

  3. Kane and Son are the main scoring threats and opponents know that. There is a need for an attacking midfielder who can contribute 15 plus goals a season. A big target player who scores regularly would also not go amiss. A speedy left footed central defender is also required. Without the latter beware playing too high up because as good as they are, Alderweireld and Dier are not blessed with blazing speed.

    • You saw Winks as the problem. You are one clueless fan. Winks has a medium range game and prove balance between. Tanguy being taken off, Why not Alli or Lamela to creativity for Requilon instead of Bergwjin for the first change. You do not need to like Wink, but he was far from being the problem. Did you know we finish the last to 7 games with zero attacking mid?

  4. Also we got some weaponized PCR testing. It really is a multi purpose thing this ‘virus’….City starting to motor plus Everton up there too now they will have to fit this replayed fixture somewhere in a busy schedule with multiple cup comps. Very disruptive, Only helps Jose…..wonder if any City players even know they’re ill?

  5. Mourinho is blaming the players but its him 100 per cent to blame the way he sets the team up.Classic example,Crystal palace away Mourinho made out I quote we were not trying a full block to protect the 1-0 lead palace pushed us back and we could not get out but has soon has palace scored spurs were all over palace world class saves etc but ran out of time. If Mourinho is not careful hes going to upset the players blaming them when its entirely his fault 100 per cent negative setting up the team

  6. We win 5-2 , 6-1 away. Only away to top sides should we defend. Every other game attack & defend properly when we lose ball. If we score 3 , a late concession not so tragic


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