Eric Dier picked up a pretty serious looking knock during the first half of Tottenham’s draw with Fulham on Wednesday night.

The defender was involved in a collision that sent him sprawling beyond the byline, but he still managed to drag himself back onto the playing area before writhing in pain.

He knew exactly what he was doing – Dier ensured the game would be stopped so that Fulham wouldn’t capitalise on the fact he was off the pitch.

Thankfully he was OK to continue! Watch the moment below, as shared on Twitter by @TranSPURS.



  1. Pity he stayed on the pitch as he was at fault for the Fulham goal. However the real blame falls on the manager for the terrible team he started with and his poor use of subs.

    • Yes, I agreed with you maybe Eric was at fault too. But I would first put the blame on Sanchez at why in the first place did he let Lookman turn him and make the cross for the Fulham’s equalizing goal. I would dare to say if Alderweireld was there, he wouldn’t have let his man turn so easily even though he is not as fast as before and this is particularly down to an inexperienced play by Sanchez. This guy is into his 4th season with Spurs but there is seems no improvement in him and I feel that he is not 100% focus playing for the team. I ‘BEGGED’ him, ‘PLEASE’ Jose not to play him again in the PL and at least give the new guy Rodon a chance if he is not playing Alderweireld or Tanganga in the CB position.

      • Before the game starts, I looked at the starting 11 lineup by Jose. I said ‘Oh my goodness’, Sanchez is playing and Alderweireld was on the bench. We are not going to win the game and get the 3 points. So, I am totally right at the end of it. A lot of fans should know by now that more than 50% of the game when Jose play Sanchez alongside Eric Dier, we will either draw or lose the game. Agreed?

  2. Exactly – should give Rodon a chance now – no way should Dier be automatic choice at CH – how many times does he clear the ball way to far up field – how many times does he get beaten in the air, as last nights game. Along with Aurier, both not good enough !

  3. Defenitly Spurs urgently need new central Defender because Davinson and Dier are not suitable partner
    Also jose silly manager because he uses 3 defender midfielders plus 4 usual defenders one attacking midfielder and 2 forwards that is why Fulham more attacking in second half 70%

  4. Defenitly100% Eril Lamela a useless player must go
    Wilfred Zaha takes his place
    Jose must use 2attacking midfielders start from Sat

    • Wilfred Zaha. It is 2021 and you still here after spouting that nonesense. A superstsr rated at $80M. Never scored more rmthan 15 goals in a season In all competition. Spending most of his time arguing about calls, cannot play a full season. My Lord, he is good for 2 spectaculars a year and thats it. Zaha !!!! Hahaha! My tummy hurts

  5. Agree with strange starting 11 and poor use of subs. Why not play under-performing Sanchez against marine and use Toby in the Fulham match? And was it necessary to use Moura against Marine? We could have done with him coming on at 60 minutes against Fulham to inject a bit of well needed urgency. 1-0 is not a result to sit on! When will this group of players learn that?


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