Like many Tottenham fans, Jose Mourinho was not happy after Thursday nigh’t humiliating Europa League exit.

Spurs lost 3-0 at Dinamo Zagreb, ending their chances of going all the way in Europe this season and qualifying for a spot in the Champions League.

Instead, the Londoners must now fight for fourth place in the Premier League, which is a big ask.

But despite his anger after the game, footage has emerged of Mourinho going into the Zagreb dressing room and congratulating the hosts on their victory. Watch below.



  1. It’s about time Jose stopped blaming the players, the ball boys and the corner flags, it’s down to him, any of the other 19 Managers in the Prem would have taken the team to Zagreb and set them up to attack and get a an away goal to finish the game off, it’s mad to try and go there and defend a slim 2-0 lead, if the home team score 1 your on the back fot for the rest of the match, Jose is to frightened and defensive, he doesn’t belong in the premiership

    • We had poch who played better football but won nothing with him either. Sometimes it has to be the players or at least some of them.

  2. Well done Jose; the perfect clown; belongs to the circus.
    Come to think of it, Spurs are a circus.
    Actually believe that Tottenham are jinxed.
    I don’t believe that Alex Ferguson, Wenger at his prime or Guardiola could turn them into a winning machine.
    Sad but true.

  3. THFC on the pitch are a disgrace.
    Having played the game at National League Level I can tell after 5mins if a player is up for it……and when you have no passion or ability you are in BIG trouble…and my club is in the ? BIG time….and it will get worse as our best players leave the club very quickly.

  4. i still think the blame needs to go back to the players. they are playing like spoilt schoolchildren who refuse to carry out instructions, or even more worrying, not even try. But this is the same way they let down Poch in the end. When Poch first came in, he had to get rid of a poisonous element in the squad, and did. And now we need to do that again.

    their lazy, lackadaisical approach to games is embarrassing; they think they can just turn up and win but how many times have they done that this and last season. They are not good enough to just turn up. The strength is in the team, not individuals. Even ‘if’ Mourinho is asking them to be defensive, they should be professional enough to do that and still not end up with a result like last night. FFS, we were 2-0 up, and even defensively and playing somewhat poorly, should’ve seen the game through. Every single one of them is an experienced international. i hold them all to blame for Poch’s departure and, probably soon to be, Mourinho’s.

    When the players let down Poch, i felt we needed a fire sale to get rid of the bulk of the side. i think Poch wanted that too. But that didn’t happen, probably because (rightly or wrongly) we wouldn’t have got the money Levy wanted. But the result is we are left with players that we want to get rid of, but haven’t shown any form and so can’t sell.

    Massive rebuilding job needed. i won’t blame Kane and Son for leaving, and they should after that. They’re just wasting their limited time in football to win something meaningful.


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