Some Tottenham players were ‘angered’ by Jose Mourinho’s comments after Sunday’s draw at Newcastle United, according to Football London.

Spurs let yet another second half lead slip at St. James’ Park, drawing 2-2 despite being ahead for most of the game thanks to a Harry Kane brace.

After the match, it was put to Mourinho that his teams used to be renowned for holding onto leads, to which he responded (via BBC Sport): “Same coach, different players.”

And appearing to blame the players rather than take responsibility himself apparently hasn’t gone down too well with sections of the squad.

Football London claims some players were left ‘angered’ by their manager’s words, which isn’t really a surprise.

Obviously a number of individuals were poor on Sunday and have been throughout the campaign, but the defenders in particular are clearly struggling with Mourinho’s tactics.

They look panicky at the back and unable to play out comfortably, a key facet of a ‘good defence’ in the modern game.

Mourinho needs to alter something but it seems he is banking on making changes in the transfer window this summer rather than on the pitch in the coming weeks.



  1. Don’t believe one can blame Jose for letting in equaliser; the blame is on the players;however it is the manager’s fault for picking players who are just not up to it; also it would help if the chairman/board sanctioned the purchase of the right players;I believe we are 2 or 3 top players short of the team required to win trophies.Am sure that Harry if assured of “our ambition” would give it another year; infortunately Daniel Levy would probably think that getting a large fee for him would be considered a success.

  2. You know how teams will play against us. The high press because our defenders aren’t good enough to play out with the ball, and the long ball down our channels as the wing backs are too slow and can easily be out chased. Hence we play with a constant nervousness evenntually you know we’ll get breached.

  3. There is only one person to blame, as always. The blameless one, who always finds it’s someone else’s fault. Take a look at the incredible number of central defensive combinations Moaninho has gone with this season. Alderweireld, our best and most experienced defender, and the only one who can organise the defence and spray accurate long balls to get the attack moving has only started 18 PL matches. In these we have conceded an average of just 0.77 goals per game. When Toby has been paired with Dier we have conceded just 0.50 goals per game. And yet they have been paired only 10 times in the PL. And not once in the past two months.
    Moaninho’s incompetence in managing our very talented squad is matched only by his arrogance. Fire him now.

  4. Only a few of our players are very talented. There are at least 10 players who must go. I think Jose has lost it, but if our back four was , Sol Campbell & John Terry , or Toby & Verts in prime , Gary Neville & Ashley Cole we wouldnt concede so many silly goals

  5. In my opinion, this is got nothing to do with mourinho. You just need to see d body language of this players to know how lazy and unambitious they are. They have know confidence in themselves.

    • Bit like the Real Madrid players, the Chelsea players and the Manchester United players in the latter days of his days there. Eventually they get sick of being blamed and publicly humiliated by the blameless one. Moaninho will never have another job in England after being fired by Spurs.


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