The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust has released a scathing statement that rails against the club’s proposed involved in a new European Super League.

On Sunday night, Spurs confirmed they are one of 12 clubs set to participate in a breakaway league of Europe’s so-called elite. The rest of the Premier League’s “big six” have also agreed to take part.

We have already collected a number of angry responses to the news from many Tottenham fans on Twitter – see them here.

And now, the Supporters’ Trust have consolidated those negative feelings into a statement that does not mince its words.

In no uncertain terms, the Trust calls upon the current owners, ENIC, to end their involvement with the new competition. Failing that, the Trust will “call on new owners.”

In full, the statement reads as follows:

Tottenham Hotspur was the first British club to win a European trophy. We blazed a trail that caught the imagination of fans everywhere. Yesterday, the current Board of THFC betrayed the Club, its history and the magic that makes this game so special when they put their name to a statement announcing the formation of a breakaway European Super League.

​This statement, signed by self-appointed “leading clubs”, was put out late on a Sunday night. It was made not only after no consultation with supporters, but in the face of clearly stated opposition to key parts of the announcement.

We have always tried to maintain a pragmatic position of engagement with the Board of THFC, even under the most trying of circumstances. But enough is enough. The current Board is prepared to risk the Club’s reputation and its future in the opportunistic pursuit of greed. One of England’s most famous clubs could find itself expelled from English league competition. Its players could be banned from international competition. And yet the current owners – mere custodians of a 139-year-old institution – are prepared to risk it all for avarice and self-aggrandisement.

We demand the Board immediately disassociates itself from the breakaway league. Only then can meaningful discussions about change take place. If the Board does not do this, we will have no choice but to call on new owners prepared to safeguard the past, present and future of our great Club to step forward and work with us.


It will be interesting to see how, if at all, ENIC and club chairman Daniel Levy respond to the Trust’s concerns in the coming days.

In any event, the whole situation is a major disruption to European football, and its effects could be lasting.



  1. Totally agree. Gary Neville is spot on. But he says United earned their champions league involvement on merit. This is not true in my eyes. CL should be champions & holders only , as was European cup. But because of breakaway threats UEFA allowed top four into it. Greed. United have form, pulling out of FA cup to play mickey mouse World Club championship.


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