Ryan Mason believes Oliver Skipp is ready to make the step up into Tottenham’s first-team next season after a successful loan spell with Norwich City.

Skipp helped Norwich achieve promotion back to the Premier League and was subsequently named in the Championship Team of Year.

Having already impressed in a series of senior appearances for Spurs in the past, there is now talk of him playing a significant role for his parent club next term.

And Mason says he’s sure “conversations will be had” this summer about Skipp’s first-team chances ahead of the 2021/22 campaign.

“My opinion may be different to many but I think Oliver Skipp is an incredible talent and one of the most professional guys I have come across in the academy,” said Tottenham’s interim boss (via Football London).

“He has had a fantastic season so I’m sure those conversations will be had over the summer.

“I think Skippy is ready personally, but with these decisions it depends who the manager is and where the club want to go with him.”

Norwich’s Sporting Director Stuart Webber has suggested the Canaries would like to take Skipp on loan again next season.

“I have spoken to Spurs already. I have obviously spoken to Oliver already. And his representative. We’d love to keep him,” Webber said (via Pink Un). “What’s key for us is we’ll always leave a place open for him, because his impact is huge. But I think there’s a few things which need to fall into place for that.”

There’s no doubting another year playing for a well-coached Norwich side would do Skipp plenty of good when it comes to his development.

But there is an argument to be made that the 20-year-old could be an important part of the first-team squad next year.

Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg has played far too much football this season – having Skipp around for a bit of rotation next year could be useful.

Alternatively, Hojbjerg and Skipp could pair up in central midfield depending on how Spurs want to set up.



  1. I’m worried too much pressure will be put on skipp if he comes back to us. I would much rather he spend another season on loan maybe with Norwich.

    • He will handle it bro he was the main man for Norwich winning the league but another season out on loan wouldn’t do any harm but defo he could handle it he’s a big personally in changing room my pal is hanley from Norwich cousin so I was speaking to Hanley the captain n he was telling me skipp takes no prisoners n isn’t scared to speak him mind n tell the older players to get finger out

  2. Spurs need a new formation 3 2 3 2 with three defenders 2 defensive midfielders 3 attacking midfielders ie 2 wingers and a playmaker with two strikers…..skipp Hojberg and Winks/White would be my three to choose 2 from. Regulion Rodon Alderweirld my starting 3 in defense with Son Ndombele Bale Kane Parrott/Scarlett

    • Winks haha he’s poor have u not watched spurs last 2-3 years regullion at cb haha he’s a wing back bale haha he’s finished full stop parrot is crap not good enough give it 2-3 season he will end up at derby sitting on the bench ndoublele is not as good as folk think he’s to heavy not fit enough n has never been fit even at Lyon he played 65 mins sub wink bale dele ndoublele dier auier only look have decent against crap teams that sit of them witch is only 1-3 teams in prem so against 3 teams so 6 games a season we will see good football from these sell up bring in Bailey= Leverkusen= winger skinnier= inter Milan=cb paka= Salzburg= back up to kane n take over from him as he’s 20 Arrons = Norwich = rb n one of the best in Europe

  3. We can not have a white player replacing a black one, that is pure racism. Ndombele is black magic.

    • What a moron. Let’s keep a black, foreign lazy, average player instead of a future England captain. Why? Because he is black. Give your head a bang Joseph Samuel Naby Ngugi. Your comments are racist and you do your “cause” more harm than good. BLM bull is now creeping into football and it’s a cancer.


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