Paratici appointment close as reason for Conte delay is revealed – report

Paratici appointment close as reason for Conte delay is revealed – report

LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 22: Antonio Conte, Manager of Chelsea and Mauricio Pochettino, Manager of Tottenham Hotspur shake hands after the full time whistle during The Emirates FA Cup Semi-Final between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley Stadium on April 22, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)


Tottenham are close to appointing Fabio Paratici as sporting director but Antonio Conte is still considering the club’s offer, according to the Guardian.

Paratici has just left a similar role at Juventus and is set to take over at Spurs, effectively acting as a conduit between chairman Daniel Levy and the new manager, whoever that may be.

In recent days, Conte – who departed Inter Milan last month after winning the Serie A title – has been strongly linked (via the Guardian) with the position, but there appears to be a delay.

That’s because, as reported by the Guardian, the Italian is still mulling offer Tottenham’s offer.

It is believed Conte is unsure whether the budget on the table will be enough to sufficiently overhaul the squad and win trophies in his first season at the club.

The 51-year-old clearly targets instant success, taking just one campaign to win the Premier League with Chelsea and two seasons to win Serie A with Inter.

With that in mind, perhaps he is not keen on the idea of being a ‘project’ manager at Spurs, something that will require time and patience.


  1. Im really hoping conte turns us down and we end up with ten hag by process of elimination. I’d rather be building to greatness under ten hag than going short term for short term success and years in disarray as chelsea were post conte.

    We all know conte is just coming in to win angry fans back around but is a disaster waiting to happen. He makes zero sense on any footballing level.

    • I’d take a league title and then disarray that leads to the CL. Tottenham fans just don’t think big. We’re going for the best manager around I all we get is ‘it will end in tears’. Yep getting the best manager makes zero sense on any footballing level. Unbelievable

    • Since conte won the league with Chelsea, their 4 year period of disarray only included an FA Cup, a UEFA cup and a champions league – God that would be awful

    • All comes down to running a FOOTBALL club or running a business with shareholders wanting their yearly piece! Look at Man City, run as a football club, PSG Real Madrid Barcelona. Then look at the Gooners, Chelsea to an extent now. All about the Team or the Business.

      • Man City, PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona run as football clubs? Are you serious? Man City, PSG are run by corrupt Oil countries, with appalling human rights records, but a bottomless pit of cash, in a shameful PR stunt to wash clean their immoral behaviour in the eyes of the world.

        Real Madrid and Barcelona, in trying to keep up with these “New Joneses” have been virtually run into the ground, announcing record losses that could jeopardise their futures. All of this, the oil billions, and the bank billions, which need repaying, have warped your perspective as to how a football club should be run!

    • Wow…with spurs fans like you who needs enemies. Conte is one of the best managers around and you don’t want him…lol. For one do you think we have much choice as it seems every decent manager is turning the poison chalice spurs manager down and two do you think ten hag wants the job?

    • ” Years in disarray.” After Conte we had one season with Sarri where we won the Europa league and came third in the premier league. Next was Lampard who guided us to 4th in the league and another FA cup final. Lampard’s second year ended up with Tuchel guiding us to 4th in the league; a FA cup final and a champions league. Not bad for “disarray. “

  2. This could be a bit of gamesmanship. Conte would know well all about spurs before this all started so to suddenly make out he is having second thoughts no I can’t see it. Still believe he is the man and that he will sign either late weekend or start of next week. Maybe trying to scare levy and squeeze a bit more out of him.

    • Scare Levy ! Not possible, it’s a huge responsibility in balancing the books at Spurs. Still got to pay that idiot in Rome and if Conte is too demanding then let it go. We could need up to 300 m to rebuild. Don’t think that’s possible. We have some dead wood need to be thrown away and nobody wants them too

  3. That says it all, Levy isn’t making enough money available to challenge for honours, while Levy, Lewis and ENIC are in control it doesn’t matter who comes in as manager, we won’t be winning a thing. Levy, Lewis and ENIC OUT !!!

    • Last chance for Levy was years ago and all he has done is got the team back to where we were 12 years ago. Anyone that states Conte is a bad option is unaware of how football works. He’s a great manager and has proven that.what makes all the difference is the financial backing of the club. If Levy acts as a man looking to build he will invest. If he is the clueless fraud that he has shown for the past 5 years he’ll continue to pretend that he wants success by going half arsed and sign a very capable manager and do nothing to back him and actually look for on field success. If you want to argue about spending look at Levy’s net spend vs all the newly promoted clubs and you’ll see there is a problem. He doesn’t know what it takes to make a club great and invest when you have to and strengthen when you have to. Investing £50m on Ruben Dias before City landed him for £65m is a clear sign that he’s clueless.

    • So at the moment it seems conte is off. That means dier, Sanchez and winks aurier Doherty Toby lamela moura foyth sissoko all or a lot will stay. For those against conte I don’t think you got it. Here is a man who demands to win not just play for fourth. Yes he spends money all teams and managers do if you don’t spend enough or freshen the squad enough you go stale. Players at times need to be moved on fresh ones brought in. Poch was never going to win anything because he was not strong enough against levy. Let this sink in the year we bought no one because we had no money we put 200 million into the stadium build. We are in real danger here of dropping right out of it. Conte could and would have sorted the squad and team out got us winning again but levy yet again stopped it. Why. Money there is none. Don’t believe it he would have known all about conte before he went for him how much he spends what he wants. Spurs have one chance and its conte not poch because poch will not get or demand what conte was looking. One chance last chance and levy may just have blown it.

  4. If this is ever gonna work Levy needs to let go of the reigns and just focus on the business side of things concerning the club.
    Don’t get involved with the team side, let this new sporting director and Conte do their jobs and do what they do best to make a team succeed.
    Levy needs to realise his own misgivings the past few years and just take a step back.

  5. Levy just won’t spend the money because there isn’t any money. No stadium sponsor because nobody wants to sponsor a team that wins nothing.

  6. not sure I want a manager who thinks he is bigger than the club, Galtier won in France spending a quarter of the PSG budget, we are not an instant success as we don’t have Russian or Arab money so lets get behind someone who can build in the same way that Poch did when he joined. No manager has shown the emotion that he did when we won in Holland and that doesn’t come instantly.

  7. Whilst I can see Levy trying to skimp on wages and transfer budgets I genuinely think any hold up is purely to maximise the effect on the stock exchange.
    Come 10am Monday he’ll be announced along with Paratici

  8. I think the plan is Conte short term until Poch is available. Conte doesn’t stay anywhere beyond three years. If he can get levy to sign some decent players in that time where poch probably couldn’t then good.

  9. We dont need to spend that big to challenge for the top 4. A RB, maybe 2 CB, Poss a playmaker. If Harry decdies to leave then we need a striker but will have the money to splash. We will also have Sess and Skippy back and I would also like to see Foyth back. Sell all, or as many as poss of, Aurier, Sanchez, Dier, Davies, Lamella, Sissoko, Winks,

  10. All I see is that Daniel Levys reputation is so bad now that no one wants anything to do with him. Harry has had enough and wants out. Levy believes that he can poor sugar in anyone’s ear and they will do what he wants. Wrong, the only mug that is still doing that is Steve Hitchen head of recruitment. Also the weakest link.
    Levy has made his bed he must now lye in it no matter how shxxty it is.

  11. Let’s face it Conte to Spurs was never going to happen.He has a reputation to preserve and coming to Spurs, failing and getting the sack would destroy his CV.Joining a sinking ship and not being backed is obviously a huge stumbling block.
    Obviously a man who has some brain.

  12. Don’t need to spend massive we have some fantastic young players coming through just need a manager who’s willing to give them a chance we were the youngest team in premier League under poch and exciting to watch. Just need to clear out the dead wood and strengthen two or three positions COYS

  13. I completely agree, I said from d outset that the French guy is d real deal, sum of the things he’s achieved at lille has just been superb, avoid relegation 1 year, win title 2 years later…unbelievable…

  14. Levy can’t stand any demanding manager, Conte is. So he prefers coaches like Poch who wouldn’t complain that he needed tools to get the job done. A whole season, no incoming player but out goings and still managed to get the team to the final of champions league. That is what the selfish idiot wants and Conte wouldn’t take no someone shit.

  15. As said earlier . Sell Aurier ( 10m) , Sanchez ( 15m ) , Winks ( 20m ) , Dier ( 20m ) , Sissoko ( 10m ) , Lamela (10m ) + Foyth & CCV ( 15m ) ….I’d keep Davies.
    So that should achieve £100m
    Two decent CB for 60m / 65m + a RB for 30m…95m
    Not sure about Ali. Could fetch 35m + ….trouble with him is that he’s such a talented player but has lost his way.
    If sold would love Grealish for 60m don’t think he’d come tho.
    Total outlay 20m
    Easier said then done.
    Just don’t see Spurs net spend being greater than 30m

    • What about a striker you forgot Harry is leaving he wants to be at a club next year who will win. We don’t win jack under enic because we don’t spend or because levy buys the players and they are rubbish. Harry can force levy hand here and I believe he will this time I think he has had enough.

  16. Personally I commend the chairman, the board and the owner for the work and success they have brought to my club over recent years. However with that in mind, I also believe that you need to speculate to accumulate, how does a club like the great Tottenham Hotspur compete for domestic and European honours and success when they are unable to retain the services of some of the most successful and gifted players in our beautiful league, instead selling them to the very opposition we speak to defeat, and sadly that list is long and very distinguished. Quality “managers” who are and have been available that could and would bring success to my club, either snub, ignore or take up a different clubs offer, why is that? Why is my club not the attractive proposition for a quality manager, clubs like Man City, Liverpool, PSG, Bayern and more recently Chelsea, they all seem to be an attractive propositions for quality managers, why is Tottenham Hotspur, my club not in that list. They have the finances, the infrastructure and the desire for the financial rewards that come with the domestic and European success, so why are rejected managers names from these clubs, or managers from mid-table clubs or worse, managers from clubs relegated from the premier league even being linked to the great Tottenham Hotspur. A player should feel proud and honoured to put a Tottenham Hotspur shirt on and play for my club, the manager should be humbled by that players desire and the Chairman, board and owner are the only people who can create that.
    To complete with the best, you need to have the best, and sadly that starts at the very top, the best people with the best interests for the best supporters of the best club in the best league in the world, and I know deep down this accolade is not only desired but achievable buy the very people this message is directed at,
    So I, as a longtime supporter of the best club in the land, from the bottom of my heart, I implore you to make our club an attractive proposition for a manager that is not only a real ingenious tactically but is also unique for the skill of man management and take this great club, Tottenham Hotspur to the deserved heights you have the power for it to achieve, you will be the only ones to reap the financial rewards that goes with this success, so please speculate and thee shall accumulate, thank you.

  17. Unfortunately down to a bad choice of managers …..also too tight on the purse strings.
    Yes , similar first match was the end of the 1959/1960 seasons in the 8 Bob seats East Stand.
    But back to “real time “ . I feel if you can get a top DOF ,keep DL away from the manager.
    Starting to think is it worth having these “ glory managers”
    Potter the Brighton guy under the guidance of a top DOF
    Fingers crossed


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