Tottenham are in advanced talks with Borussia Monchengladbach about signing forward Marcus Thuram, according to RMC Sport.

Thuram enjoyed another impressive campaign in Germany, scoring 11 times to go with his 12 assists in all competitions, with a number of eye-catching performances in the Champions League, including a brace against Real Madrid.

The 23-year-old is the son of former French international captain Lilian Thuram, and has been rewarded with his excellent form for Monchengladbach by being named in France’s squad for Euro 2020.

With Gareth Bale now unlikely to re-join following the appointment of Carlo Ancelotti at Real Madrid, and Lucas Moura and Erik Lamela both linked away, a winger will be one of Tottenham’s priorities this summer as they look to improve on their seventh-place finish.

And RCM Sport believe that Thuram, who’s been involved in 46 goals across the previous two seasons and can play both out wide and through the middle, is in discussions over a move to Spurs, with those talks reportedly progressing in recent days.



  1. So as no forward in the world would come to spurs to play second fiddle to Harry I’m guessing this guy is to replace Harry then. Oh one more thing to all the levy supporters why oh why has it taken so long to get a new manager. Why if spurs are such a great club has every manager asked turned spurs down. Reason is levy.

    • It could be levy pulled the plug and not the managers involved ? You would want to get the right man and if he gets this wrong I’m sure players we need to keep will want to leave ?

  2. Might be levy that thinks they don’t fit his profile of the type of manager he wants ? rather than them turning the job down ? Think he’s looking for a poch type ?

    • No managers looking at spurs see how the last ones have been treated by levy and how he does business. That is why they don’t want to manage spurs. Any person defending levy beggers belief. He has failed all his managers by not backing them or insisting on buying cheap players and expecting the manager to turn them into world beaters. Levy is the poison at spurs the reason we never win trophies. Watch the amazon documentary he says maybe santa can bring us a trophy. How is that funny in any language. That tells you everything about his attitude to winning silverware. Its not gold so he doesn’t care about it. Levy is a snake who will say anything. He is hated in the football world not because he is a brilliant business man but because he is impossible to do a deal with. His deals have cost us grealish and dias and instead we have sissoko and dier or sanshez. If you are happy with finishing every year close to 4th then levy is your man that is what he will get you nothing more because that is all he wants. As for the manager no top manager will ever go to us again while he is in charge. Looking for a poch type yes he is one who will do as he is told produce miracles and will not be backed with money.

    • Oh yeah he is. So far he has ruled out all the worlds top managers. Looking for a poch oh he is looking for a poch alright. One who will do as he is told work with little budgets work with crap players turning them into world beaters. Levy is the height of don’t do as I do do as I say. Joe and him cream off the profits while the team goes from bad to worse. Little or no proper funding buying rubbish players with documented history of health problems, players no one else wants the list goes on and on of failures under levy. He will get his poch but this time the result will not be the same. Spurs under levy are spent and will continue to fall.

  3. Brilliant summing up spursnut d,it is as if I had written your articles myself.
    The only thing Levy and the board understand is money and if all fans had the “b….” to not renew their season tickets and not buy merchandise, they would change their attitude or better still sell up and get out.
    Joe Lewis is one of the wealthiest owners in the Premiership;we are not asking for miracles, but if he sunk in a higher % of his vast fortune(like Abramovitch amongst others) into the club, we would be sitting at the top.Just look at Chelsea and Man City pre and post present owners and form your own opinion.

  4. Spurs is a crap club and the board as well. Shoes cannot win anything unless Levy and his body Joe leave the club. 10+ years what a such success? Think about it.

  5. A top manager cannot work for Spurs. Jose was the last and thought things will be better. Levy told everyone that Jose was a mistake signing and accused him for the system. If really Jose was a bad manager why he got Roma job? Joe and Levy are selfish and crap. ENIC out!!!!


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