Tottenham want to sign Los Angeles FC striker Diego Rossi, according to the Telegraph.

Rossi has been with the American side since they first entered the MLS back in 2018, and has surpassed the 50-goal mark combined in the previous three seasons.

14 of those came in the MLS last term, allowing the 23-year-old to win a host of individual awards, including the Golden Boot and MLS Young Player of the Year.

Rossi, who hasn’t yet won a full international cap for Uruguay, but has been included in the  squad on two separate occasions, has continued his form this season, scoring three in five games in all competitions, which has caught the eye of Everton as well as Spurs.

Whilst Harry Kane’s future remains in serious doubt, should he remain in north London, the incoming manager will need a back-up after Carlos Vinicius returned to Benfica following his failed loan spell, with Tottenham unwilling to match Benfica’s £36m asking-price to sign him permanently.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph believe that Rossi would cost Spurs far less at around £10m.



  1. Every spurs fan out there should take note of everything going on at the club. Daniel levy now has a net worth of 1 billion pounds. He continues to charge fans some of the highest ticket prices not only in the UK but in the world. Now we are chasing a manager who has failed in nearly every job bar one. Levy will blame everyone but himself yet he pays the cheques always has done always been his call in the end. 7th in the season past were in the new season. Lower who will he blame that on. Kane has given his all for the club more than levy has ever done. Now is the time for kane to leave to get himself some recognition some success some trophies and I wish him well and thank him. If I had my way kane could leave for nothing just to piss levy off. In 45+ yrs of following spurs these are the worst owners bar none their greed is incredible. Success to them is 4th place while laughing as fans do the rest for them by spending in the stadium. Never again will I buy a thing to support these owners. As for this guy in the article if he has any sense he will stay as far away from spurs as he can.

      • Not the club the owners there is a massive difference. In twenty two years of enic levy has become a billionaire while on the football field spurs have won one trophy. A milk cup in 08. Let that sink in. All they want is top 4 finishes thats all they need thanks to that glorious stadium that makes so much money. What have all the other clubs in the top 5 won in the last 22 years. Tottenham now have a debt of 1 billion thanks to that stadium and will be paying it off for 25 yrs thanks to levy. Does it worry him – no because to fans like you he is a billionaire Google his worth check it. He can sort himself a fortune but can’t win a fa cup, a Thursday night cup. Waken up stop defending these lot. They charged fans £60 for the privalige to watch the last home game of the season, Burnley charged their fans nothing. Leicester gave away new season shirts to fans after we beat them what did levy the billionaire give you or any fan. Let that sink in.

  2. Are you on drugs. Have you forgotten Irving Scholar who literally can within a whisker of Bankrupting the club. In fact if not for Terry Venables and Alan Sugar we would have gone. We now have the best training facilities, players lodge and Stadium in Europe and the team will follow. He is a boyhood Spurs fan but also a great businessman. It has cost us a billion and a half to get where we are today an there aren’t many teams who have spent that but you want everything yesterday, Chelsea and Man Utd have dilapidated stadiums so they will go through the same us. Arsenal also went through it and are below us, Liverpool are also going to struggle as they redevelop. Have faith success is coming.
    Read this link.

    • Read my reply to above that is your success. If you believe anything levy, the board or Joe Lewis say you are as blind as a lot of other fans. They care nothing for the fans only the money the fans put in to the Enic investment. For the records our debt now is on par with Barcelona. A billion pounds as we pay off the government loan it has just reached the billion. Yes we have the things you mention and if levy and Lewis sell we will still have them plus that billion pound debt. That is why enic built these things. That is why they buy property around the ground to increase the worth of their investment. You say success is coming when will that be. Harry kane the best striker and one of the best players ever to play for the club wants to leave the club. But why if we are going to be a successful club. He now knows it will not happen in his time. Son will leave too and I thank them both and wish them all the success where ever they go even if it was to Chelsea or any top club. Levy takes and gives nothing back not because he loves the club but because he loves money if you cannot see that then there is little hope for you and the club. One cup in 22 years one cup one milk cup.

    • I clicked on the link. Did Daniel write this. Would it not make sense to while you have one of the best strikers in the world try and improve the teams weak elements like the defence. Sadly levy has missed his chance and Harry will leave in the summer. Remember it was Daniel who bought foyth, dier, aurier, Sanchez, doherty, lamela ndombele. All these players have for the most failed. Ndombele had documented problems about fitness but still Danny bought him. So far a failure other than a goal or two but very poor for the money spent. Sissoko once our record levy spend failure from start to finish no quality all muscle. The defenders in the list all rash or rubbish all need sold. I know you will mention foyth but he was given chances and let the manager down nearly every time. Lamela the worst sickness record of a player since Bryan Robson time to sell. Headless chicken rash tackles. The crazy thing is conte said the team needed 100 million spend I would say to get near city or even top four the spend would be closer to 300 + million. That would be possible if all the rubbish were sold in this list and more. Kane wants to go and spurs cannot match his goals if his sale was added to the sale of the rubbish that’s 300 + enough for conte to buy the quality needed but yet again as ever levy blocked success from spurs. Ask any fan about how they judge success of the club and its silverware. Not how levy judges it never will be. He is a money man breaks everything down to the last penny. Oh for a greelish in this team but wait levy wanted to screw villa because they were short of money now look greelish can’t be bought. Levy again. Dias again levy would not step up spurs missed a chance again. Is this the levy succees you talk about how great a man he is a stopping spurs from winning anything.

    • Levy is anything bur a great businessman.A good businessman plans ahead and has a strategy for continued success. Levy famously would wait until the last 10 minutes of a transfer market and try and weasel a last minute bargain. All the other clubs know what they need to succeed and filled their needs asap. A great businessman make good decisions. Levy makes terrible decisions that cost millions. Would not spend 7
      million more for a total of 29 million on Jack Grealish but spends more on Lo Celso who has scored one PL goal in two seasons. Grealish is now worth 100 million. A good businessman sells the naming rights to the best stadium in Europe before the stadium opens not three years after the stadium was completed. A great businessman realizes other people can do things better than he can, run a football club, and hires the better person. A great businessman invests every year in his business to stay ahead of his competition. Levy went almost two years before he spent any money on new players.

  3. A point to Alistair Blanch’s article; yes we have the greatest training facilities and stadium in the world, but the team will NOT get there, at least not at present with these clowns running it.I could write a book about the pathetic state our club is in; we are the laughing stock of football and it is going to get worse.
    How anyone with any sense can defend Enic/Lewis/Levy beggars belief.Their disappearance on the horizon would be as welcome as the Covid pandemic being a thing of the past and but a bad memory.


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