Ajax boss Erik ten Hag remains on Tottenham’s list of managerial candidates, according to ESPN.

Back in April, the Guardian claimed Spurs were set to interview Ten Hag for the vacant head coach role.

But soon after that, Ten Hag extended his contract with Ajax and suddenly appeared to be unavailable.

Since then Tottenham have held talks with various alternatives, including Paulo Fonseca and Gennaro Gattuso, both of whom were said to be close to joining in recent days.

However, The Athletic reports discussions with both Fonseca and Gattuso have now broken down – and it looks like Spurs could now go back in for Ten Hag.

ESPN believes Tottenham’s list still includes the 51-year-old Dutchman, who was in charge of Ajax when Mauricio Pochettino’s Spurs beat them in the Champions League final two days ago.

Ten Hag has won two Eredivisie titles with Ajax and would likely prove a popular appointment at this stage, at least compared to Gattuso.

Here’s hoping Spurs can move quickly to bring him in and get on with making some changes to the squad.



  1. We can all dream but think we’ll go for someone who sucks.

    Should have been Erik Ten Hag or Jardim from the outset. Both done incredibly well before their best players were sold off.

  2. Of course Ten Hag remains on an endless list of candidates as do dozens of others.
    Only problem is that Tottenham is not on their list of clubs they would like to manage.Can hardly blame them.Bring back Gross and Ramos…

    • Looking like that’s all we may have left, both would probably decline at this stage it’s such a shambles.
      Regretfully the way Levy has handled appointment no one will touch us at this stage.
      Looks like Mason will be interim manager a little longer.

  3. So the merry go round continues. What a shambles,Tottenham are one of the few clubs that can actually let their fans down in the close season.

  4. Why would he leave ajax to come to spurs its a downward step. With levy there his life will be a nightmare. Stay were you are if you have any sense look what levy does to managers and how he treats them.

    • Yes…………paying them £12m a year and a whacking great pay off when they are sacked. Disgraceful way to treat to treat anyone???

    • Stupid rumor get silly people riled up. The ship has sailed on this Manager. Martinez might in Levy waiting game. Not that is any better based on how clueless he was at Everton.

  5. Just let Ryan Mason continue managing. I think that, by this time, that managers would NOT like being Spurs 8th choice manager .

  6. Levy and ENIC should sell Tottenham Hotspur to get rid of mess in management that is why Conte and others could not agree with Levy
    Levy always make problems for Spurs

  7. I’ve said it since season finished levy will give mason a 1 year rolling contract as any manger or coach with half a brain will run a mile once they speak to Daniel levy conte wanted to win things but that’s too much of a winning attitude for levy send the young guys out on loan for the two years conte will be at us get them ready for 1st team football n let conte do what’s needed to win things best hing is most our youth r crap apart from 4-5 of them

  8. This is all geared up for England to go out in the last 16 followed by Southgate’s resignation followed by his appointment as Spurs manager….

  9. MASON HASN’T GOT THE CLOUT ( balls) to up against levy to pick or buy new players and get rid of his player mates dier winks davies

  10. Time ENIC sold the club to someone who wants to win trophies Joe Lewis & Daniel Levy have made us the laughing stock of football with their blundering


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