Tottenham have put all of their transfer business on hold until a new manager is appointed, according to The Athletic.

The report says Spurs are on the verge of signing an ‘international’ player who has already held talks with the club.

Apparently the deal ‘suits all parties’ involved, including the club, the player and his agent, but there is something holding up the deal – Tottenham’s drawn out manager hunt.

However, that appears to be coming to an end with reports (via Sky in Italy) suggesting the club is close to striking a deal with former Wolves boss Nuno Espirito Santo.

That means we could be hearing about a managerial appointment AND a first summer signing sooner rather than later.

But who is the mystery signing mentioned by The Athletic?

We presume it’s Joachim Andersen, the defender who spent last season on loan Fulham from Lyon.

The Guardian claims Spurs are targeting centre-backs and Andersen is name-checked in the report, as is Sevilla’s Jules Kounde.

Either way, it seems official announcements are imminent.



  1. Andersen really I watched some of him last season at Fulham and yet again hitchen and levy have got it wrong. Not sure of his name but the young guy at Fulham English guy had better stats was younger less contract left. How can spurs keep paying for the wrong players and managers and feeding this rubbish to the fans of five more years. Terrible owners, chairman, board the lot not got one clue.

    • Andersen had top season at Fulham after first 6 games when everone pump Fulham I would rather white at Brighton but 50 mil levy no chance so Andersen it is

      • Andersen is no better than either sanchez or dier more like a mix of both. Like I said his young partner at Fulham is better. However that is the levy way. Bring in cheap rubbish for the most and expect a poch to wave a wand to make top 4. Trust me he is bang average and will not improve us.

  2. There is nothing wrong in Spurs taking their time to identify a manager
    My issue is what type of manager will they get I do not like Potter( nothing personal) he is NOT an international manager which is wht Spurs require I 100% think they should look beyond EPL EEC league and look globally

    • So tell me if nuno is the new manager why wait till now to give him the job. He left wolves two months ago. Levy has not got a clue. The stadium twice the price, ticket prices the highest of any club in europe, no trophy since 08 no investment by the owners at all in fact only man utd owners take more from the club than levy and Lewis. Tottenham are now the laughing stock of the world and our top player wants to leave and I for one don’t blame him.

  3. I cannot believe what is going on with the board at Spurs? Everyday on google newsfeed there is a different manager mentioned and it would seem to me that nobody wants to go to Spurs in the form of management or players. In the best part of over 50 years of supporting Spurs the only real bad feelings I had of Spurs was when we were relegated to the second division in the 70s, until now this last season hasn’t been fulfilled by some way and to top it the secret signing up for the euro super league along with the other five teams. All these more recent issues are surely a recipe for players wanting to leave and win trophies elsewhere, if Harry Kane won’t sign a new contract will the likes of Son Heung-min want out as well and the whole scenario will go on. At the end of the day Daniel levy has been a master class in all what he has done at Spurs, but unfortunately this year can he be forgiven I’m not sure. Lastly I’m reading a lot about the possibility that our new manager could be Graham Potter UUUURGH !!!! I sure he’s an alright person but at the helm of Spurs I don’t think so. We need a solid and has a great track record manager in place very quickly, there 50 days till the start of our new season so time is running out for whoever gets the job to get to know the team and more important to ensure that Harry Kane stays.

    • Daniel levy and masterclass do not go together when you are talking about spurs. If you are talking about Chelsea and roman yes or the Leicester owner or the City owner but not levy. Lewis and him have put nothing not one penny of their money into spurs. Instead they took out loans to buy it and used the profits to pay that off. In twenty odd years we have won one carling cup. Oh wait all those 4th places with poch sorry you don’t get a trophy for 4th. Maybe if they had backed poch we might have won a trophy and we would not be in the mess we are in. Oh wait the cl final against Liverpool we lost it. Again backing might have helped poch with a bigger and more in depth squad. Oh wait we had no money because of the fabulous stadium and training facilities. The stadium costs doubled in price I wonder who was in charge of that. Yes danny boy. So for the next twenty years managers will be working with the we are paying off the stadium line so we must be prudent. That’s another way of saying the fans will pay the highest ticket prices in euope but won’t see any trophies. Hold on maybe we could buy grealish. We had the chance but brilliant Danny would not pay the 4-6 million extra. Great idea Danny. We need defenders well we could have bought dias but guess what Danny said no again. He says never more than the late Ian paisley ever did. Yes Danny has been great for spurs. One trophy in 20+ years since they bought spurs for 28 million and we are now worth 1.5 billion. Levy is a billionaire poor guy so no money to spare there. Lewis is a billionaire so again no money to spend. When will you lot ever work them out. They bought us cheap to develop us to make them money buy getting you to pay for it. Really.

  4. The whole board seems to be in shambles, getting the best Manager at this time surely won’t make a difference. Really sad to know it’s almost 2 months and they can’t find a Manager. What’s the use of having one one of the best stadium and you don’t win anything, absolutely a joke.


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