Harry Kane’s decision to not turn up for Tottenham training today has set the football world ablaze.

As relayed by us on Monday, Sky Sports claimed Kane was a no-show at Hotspur Way despite being due to return to training in the morning.

It is believed Kane is attempting to push through a move to Manchester City after finally losing patience at Spurs, where he has failed to win a trophy despite many successful goalscoring seasons.

But the way he is going about trying to leave has been called into question by some famous onlookers.

Former Manchester United and England defender Rio Ferdinand initially suggested that the English media would have their knives out for Paul Pogba if the Frenchman did the same thing – but Ferdinand then said Kane’s tactics were not exactly “wrong”.

However, ex-Liverpool star Jamie Carragher disagreed with Ferdinand, saying it is in fact wrong of Kane to skip training and risk ruining his relationship with the Tottenham fanbase.

Kane’s decision is certainly contentious. He clearly wants to leave, and it will now be very awkward if he stays.

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  1. Love Kane to stay but if he has to go fair enough.He has served us well but don’t upset all the supporters by doing what you’re doing by not showing up. At the end of the day he signed a contract at least turn up to see Levy to sort something out one way or the other.

  2. Kane IS Spurs. In footballing terms it will be a tragedy if he leaves but the reality is that Spurs are light years away from winning the PL and Kane has reached a watershed in his career. Although we Spurs fans love him to bits it would be a disgrace for Daniel Levy to hold him to his contract. The sad truth is Kane is far too good to stay at a mid table club because right now that’s what we are

  3. Kane has a professional contract he personally agreed to!!!! He must be made to honor it as a professional honest person, like anyone else regardless of his personal preferences!!!! On the bench if necessary until the contract is finalized!!! Without exception!!! he is no different from any other player with a contract!!!

  4. Why is it a disgrace, you are forgetting, Kane asked for the extended contract, he wasn’t gun point, it was good enough for him at the time, Levy holds all the cards, he can go for the right price, I think he is being badly advised by that idiot brother, contracts are a part of working life, I for 1 want him gone, but the money has to right for the club, after all our U23 are looking a striker

  5. Maybe he should have turned up in the games where we had an opportunity to win a trophy. When you insist on playing when you know you aren’t fit enough to play and then not turn up for it, you should look at yourself and be grateful to the club for playing you instead of doing the right thing and being a sub at best.

    • Bingo. Every year we had a chance to win something since he made his break through and he has not contributed in a finals. He is either showing up with injuries or coming bsck from one. The only time Kane score a goal that had a defining moment to the Spurs place was the year Juventus knock us out in the round of 16. He scored in the group game to put it put out reach. But them we were defending 3 away goals. So all head had to do was score once and did

  6. Who has confirmed the reason he didn’t turn up for training? Harry Kane? Spurs? Or journalists making things up as usual! How about waiting for the REAL explanation before you lynch the guy.

  7. I do hope Spurs will make a statement about this bad Monday. Of course there is intensive consultation. Spurs must feel responsible for supporters making harmful statements.Harry Kane must give Spurs the opportunity to ask for the correct compensation. The compensation that he will undoubtedly have agreed in his ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ with Levy.
    We all know football. Let’s hurry up and buy back some great players for the m€175 and remember with many thanks the beautiful Tottenham gaols Harry made for us.There will be no disadvantage for Spurs next season. Spurs have always lost against City. Now Nuno knows where to get them.we just have to give De Bruyne a double look.
    Son will give his passes to new acquisitions.

  8. Kane has lost my respect. He complains he has not won any Trophies. Look in the Mirror Harry, Three Finals and although you were playing you never turned up. I think you are a jinx to the team winning anything. Go to City, United or Chelsea , What will you do if the one you choose don’t win anything.

    We will be better off without you.

  9. kane,s had a champions league and a carrabo cup final and never showed up in either,what makes him think he,ll do it elsewhere.he was happy to sign his contract make him see it out and have less of this player power.

    • bang on,and he has dodgy ankles,so get rid of him,and invest in the youth squad that made him,for what gain the man to profit the world but lose his very soul in the process

  10. He should be fined a weeks wages for every day he doesn’t show up for training and Levy hang out for maximum transfer fee

  11. Go to the trophy store and buy as many trophies as you wish you haven’t earned it so much for financial fair play

  12. Let’s keep calm guys, do we know for certain he was meant to report in today?
    If everyone turns on him now, I don’t see that helping him make a decision to stay.
    What does that make us if we begin to despise ‘one of our own’?

  13. Professionalism? Yes, Harry has it, but…unless he’s got Covid, not turning up for training is unprofessional…and, what was the gentleman’s agreement with Daniel Levy?

  14. With his attitude we are better off without .
    Fine him one weeks wages for every
    day he dose’nt turn up,then sell him
    for in excess of 1.6 million.
    I have supported Spurs since before the Double and have lost all respect
    for him
    Come on Daniel, do the right thing!

  15. He wears an arm band saying “RESPECT” yet the hypocrite has no respect for the club or fans.
    He should not be England’s captain anymore as he is a bad influence on the younger fans
    Ask City if they are going to pay £150 million if they are then do the deal if not do not play him again until he apologises to the club, fans and teammates.

    He wants to go to City for trophies so why the doubling of his wags to £400K a week?

    • agree with u 100% re arab city when he looks up at the stands at the northern tax payers stadium he will see so many sky blue seats impersonating arab city fans !!!

  16. Roses r red violets r blue if it wasnt for sheikh mansour and abramovich both arab city and west london rent boys would be in division 2 . Go on harry go to one of those plastic clubs.
    Players come players go but fans stay loyal unless ur a glory hunter ( arab city manure rent rent boys ) i still am upset when Hoddle went to Monaco

  17. Levy is to blame for the whole mess, he makes agreements that he never sticks to. If he made an agreement with Kane that he can leave if a suitable offer came in he should stick to that. I dont blame Kane for standing up to a lying bully who only wants to make millions out of Kane.

  18. Ejaz, get real and don’t be emotional about a player, our club is bigger than a player… football is business. Naturally I want the right price for my best asset. I can than go buy something that is decent and cheap.

  19. Just wondering if Kane is thinking of being naturalised another nationality as doubt he will ever win anything with EnglAnd?

  20. Stop his pay. It is Spurs that helped him get where he is today . He needs to respect his contract and turn up for work. Coz now he has no respect for his fellow players or the fans for what he has done.


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