Lucas Moura could leave Tottenham for his native Brazil in the January 2023 transfer window, if he sticks to his word about returning to former club Sao Paulo.

The winger has been with Spurs for three-and-a-half years now having joined from Paris Saint-Germain in January 2018.

It seems Lucas prefers to move in January windows – he arrived at PSG from Sao Paulo in the winter of 2013, and there were high expectations for him to make an impact in Europe.

His career has had highs and lows, but regardless it appears the 29-year-old does not intend to stay in Europe for much longer.

Speaking to ESPN Brazil, Lucas reiterated his plan to go back to Sao Paulo after 10 years in Europe, a period of time that will end midway through next season.

He said: “It’s in my plans to go back to Brazil, back to Sao Paulo. I never hid it from anyone, I never hid the affection and love I feel for Sao Paulo. When I left Sao Paulo I said I wanted to stay for 10 years in Europe. Come rain, come shine, my goal, my plan is to stay 10 years.

“But I do have a plan to go back, go back to Sao Paulo. I want to feel again what it’s like to play at Morumbi, wear that shirt, the club of my heart. But I still have wood to burn. I’m feeling very good. physically.

“I’m playing in a big league, in a big club. I have the goal of winning a title with Tottenham, which I haven’t achieved yet. I still have some goals to achieve here.”

We probably shouldn’t take Lucas completely at his word – it might be 10 years give or take a season, so we don’t actually know the exact window in which he will depart.

But it certainly looks like we shouldn’t expect him to be a Tottenham player for too much longer.



  1. I’m surprised he didn’t go after the disrespect shown him after he was dropped for the CL. final. It was his goals that got us there. In yet Potch played a half-fit Harry and we blew it.

    • It only goes to show that Lucas is true professional. I wish I could say the same about ballsless Pouchitino who showed poor judgement.


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