WATCH: Video footage of Brazil vs Argentina chaos involving Lo Celso and...

WATCH: Video footage of Brazil vs Argentina chaos involving Lo Celso and Romero



There was chaos in Brazil on Sunday evening as Tottenham duo Giovani Lo Celso and Cristian Romero were the victims of mass confusion while playing for Argentina.

Health officials entered the field of play to stop the World Cup qualifier with just seven minutes gone – the match was eventually suspended.

That’s because, according to reports from the Guardian and elsewhere, those health officials were attempting to deport four UK-based Argentina players, who are said to have lied about their quarantine status when entering the country.

Lo Celso and Romero now find themselves in hot water alongside Aston Villa pair Emi Buendia and Emliano Martinez. Watch the chaotic footage of the match being stopped below.


  1. If I was more cynical I swear I’d have thought Levy put those health officials up to this so we can have Lo Celso and Romero back for the Chelsea Game.
    I mean it’s not like Brazil have been taking this pandemic seriously. Didn’t the President spend a year telling everyone there WAS no virus?

    • I mean they will probably still be playing Boliva at the end of the week so he hasn’t solved much if it was the case but I do agree that it would be something I could see him doing and when did Brazil start taking it so seriously. Is the UK currently in worse shape than Spain/France/Italy with numbers?

  2. Levy is many things, but seriously he does not influence officials. The players were badly misled by Argentina, and the FA were useless in getting clarity. Football is just a pawn in a world that’s gone to crap


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