Safe standing will be in place at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium from January 1 2022, the club has announced.

Standing has been banned in English football stadiums for almost 30 years, but that is set to change in January – and Tottenham are at the forefront of that transformation.

On Monday morning, the club confirmed they will join Cardiff City, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United by initiating safe standing in the New Year.

The South Stand at Spurs’ still-relatively-new stadium was built future-proofed with safe standing in mind, so the Londoners have been ready for the expected change in the law for some time.

Those supporters lucky enough to be in a seating area with barriers will now be allowed to safely stand while watching games at the stadium, something that has been impossible for some time.

In a statement, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy said the following: “The Club has led on lobbying the Government for safe standing at stadia and is delighted that this will now be possible. It delivers choice for fans attending the game – whether home or away supporters – and the vast majority of our fans are in favour of this scheme. We are extremely proud of our ‘safe seating’ design, which ensures both comfort and safety, whether standing or seated, while maintaining the same aesthetics as in all other areas of the stadium.”

Things haven’t been great on the pitch since Spurs moved into their new stadium, but there have already been some memorable nights and cracking atmospheres.

And that could now get even better with fans who have been lobbying for safe standing set to get their wish.




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