As it stands, Tottenham round off their Europa Conference League group stage campaign against Rennes on Thursday night despite a Covid-19 outbreak at the club.

Eight first-team players and five of Antonio Conte’s coaching staff have all tested positive, meaning the game in north London is currently in doubt.

Should the game go ahead, we’ve picked a team based on the players that trained at Hotspur Way today, minus Ryan Sessegnon, who’s suspended after his red card in Mura.

Pierluigi Gollini was one of those, and should get his customary European outing, whilst Eric Dier, Davinson Sanchez and Joe Rodon are all available and should make up the back three.

There are just two other defenders available in Japhet Tanganga and Matt Doherty, who could start at left wing-back.

Harry Winks and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg are likely to be the midfield pair, meaning Steven Bergwijn and Giovani Lo Celso could join Harry Kane in attack.

Here’s our predicted XI to face Rennes – what’s yours? Let us know in the comments section below.

Starting XI: Gollini, Sanchez, Dier, Rodon, Tanganga, Hojbjerg, Winks, Doherty, Bergwijn, Lo Celso, Kane.



  1. Fake Covid strikes again wake up folks stop being so dumb only the vaccinated r putting the numbers up not the folk with their heads screwed on n doing the right thing n not sticking a jag into them that’s not been tested n causing serious issues more folk have died or became serious ill after the jags n mind get ur booster think about it n hope u know the ones who r telling u or bribing u into taking a jag with money or any other reason they r giving u to scare u into rolling that sleeve up everyone who has collapsed at football or any other part of life have been double or tripled jagged even erikson n now good chance him n arguro won’t ever get to play football again over a fake virus

      • Sometimes many people just speak because they have mouths = 100% Scottish Yiddo is correct he might have choose to make a comment in a way that is not a feel good statement, however if you examine the evidence he is correct.. In Israel 80% of people who got 2 or more have gotten sick –

        Think carefully – if you cannot develop and maintain your own body immunize system- you cannot fight any virus , in the case of the Jab you have to continue taking it permanently – because it cannot address multiply variants = please do your research . stop listening to just government s.. when did you get any news in the mass media about dealing with your immune system other than taking the jab?

    • At least there is a fellow scot that can see through this nonsense. How many sheep are about nowadays, blindly being led through the bull field.

    • Did you notice the briefing room. Not decorated till March this year but the footage leaked from December last year has them infront of a newly decorated wall.

      • Not sure if that’s a sarcastic wow or a wow that means it was filmed alot later than they stated it was. Which would mean it’s bull that it’s from Dec. More likely drawing attention away from the police bill and online harm bill that silently went through today.

  2. Sitting here with COVID, my partner and our 8 month baby tested positive today and now can’t come to my fathers funeral on Friday. But you carry on calling it a fake virus. Cockwomble.

  3. It’s the same with the briefing room, was only redecorated in March this year yet the lady who was all giggly at the desk a couple of days after there christmas party saying it was a buisness meeting was infront of the newly decorated wall. How does that work if the room was only decorated in March 2021?

  4. Thought this was a football forum. Didn’t know so many scientists and doctors read, or felt the need to comment on, our inability to field a first choice team !!
    Oh and by the way for all you experts, there is no vaccination, jab or anything else you want to call it that can protect against a heart problem like Eriksen !!

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