Tottenham midfielder Tanguy Ndombele is in advanced talks over a move to PSG.

Ndombele hasn’t played since he was booed off against Morecambe earlier this month, and has been heavily linked with a move back to France for a number of weeks.

Julian Draxler and Georginio Wijnaldum had both been mentioned in a possible player swap deal, but Fabrizio Romano has confirmed that there won’t be a player involved in the deal.

The transfer guru also believes that both partied are confident of getting it over the line before Monday’s deadline, although Tottenham have requested that 100 percent of the 25-year-old’s wages are paid by Mauricio Pochettino’s side.

According to the Telegraph, it’ll be a loan, with an option to buy at the end of the season.

While getting one of Draxler or Wijnaldum in return for Ndombele could have proved good business by Spurs, getting the Frenchman off the books is a major step in the right direction and should allow Fabio Paratici and Antonio Conte to start making some signings.



  1. I appeal to ALL Spurs fans to boycott the club- by all accounts they have started as Spurs are the only club from the Top half of the Premiership who are far from filling their stadium in last few home games.
    This fiasco with Traoré is nothing short of a disgrace.Nothing surprising and enough said.
    A blind man can see the “fantasy tale with Luis Diaz” on the horizon.Levy thinks Spurs fans will believe him then he will state “didn’t have time”, “there is a problem but we will return in the summer”.
    Conte do yourself a favour and walk now.Don’t stay to be humiliated.
    Levy and Enic out;I hope you play to empty stadiums for the rest of the season.

    • Totally agree. About time that people started seeing this club for what it is.
      Happy to take money from the fans week in week out and providing nothing but mediocre football from a tired and lazy squad.
      The Kane fiasco last summer and to add the mix the Dybala and now Diaz pipe dream.
      It’s embarrassing and time to start the change.
      Levy and Enic out!!!! #GetThemOut

  2. I agree get levy out get enic out get steve hitchin out, we are a joke of a club now players like trippier are even coming out and saying about Levy, i love my club but hate how its being run and who is running out, enough is enough

  3. Levy (to me) seems to have this ‘master plan’ of saying to clubs “I know you want that much for him but this is what Spurs are prepared to offer. We’ll leave it on the table and get in touch if you change your mind”. Then he sits in his office waiting for the phone to ring. I mean seriously folks look at this Traore pantomime. Conte wants him, the majority of fans think he’ll do a good job in the new position the manager wants him to play in and yet there we were still saying ‘will he or won’t he ?’ after weeks of negotiations. It’s embarrassing when you compare us to the other clubs we are aiming to emulate and how they do such deals. There are no whispers and rumours about potential signings for days upon end, giving the rag mags clickbait stories to live off. You may read a hint that Man City, Chelsea or Liverpool have been ‘considering’ someone but then the next headline you see is that they have signed a new player and he’s passed his medical.

    These few days left will have us scrambling around to get rid of and get in various players. Daniel is playing a dangerous game, he is waiting for definite incoming funds before making concrete bids for the ones Conte is demanding. One of two things will happen. It will either be an extremely eventful and exciting couple of days with the entrance and exit doors to the ground spinning like mad as transfers are completed OR Daniel will tell Antonio that he unfortunately could not clinch the outgoing deals he had planned to finance new buys and the matter will need to be reviewed again in the Summer. If it’s the latter then I fully expect our Italian Wizard to perform his last magical act at Tottenham and make himself disappear.

    DL is walking a tightrope across a ravine with a crocodile infested river at the bottom. He cannot afford to slip up this time or the media and the fans (both opposition and Spurs) will make him the laughing stock of the footballing world. The clock is ticking and the crocs are licking their lips. Time to grow a pair Daniel.

  4. Spot on,delboy.Enic & levy are only interested in making money not spending it.What a team we could have had,if only, in the last few seasons we were nailed on favourites to sign bruno fernades,grealish,bowen,maddison,watkins etc,all we had to do was pay what the team selling wanted,most(except for fernandes) played in the championship and only wanted between 20 to 25m.Levy blew it,how much are they worth now.If we had them now we would not be aiming for top 4 but challenging man city.To late now, how long before conte walks.Wish the owners of newcastle had bought us,no enic,no levy nailed on champions.

  5. I have told you many times that Spurs WILL not get new 3 players after all because Spurs is only club in league that talk too much about getting new player but nothing action
    Spurs should have secured Adama Traore early this month but he is now with Barcelona it prove that Spurs talk too much nothing happen
    What a point that Spurs employ Fabio Paratici
    I believe that he is wrong man for the job waste money to pay him salary.
    I would love to see empty stadium to give Levy a lesson
    It is time forever and ENIC to go


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