Spurs make loan plus obligation to buy offer for 21-year-old Juventus star...

Spurs make loan plus obligation to buy offer for 21-year-old Juventus star – report



Tottenham have moved on quickly from the disappointment of missing out on Luis Diaz, switching their attentions to Dejan Kulusevski, according to The Athletic.

On Friday morning we relayed word from David Ornstein claiming Liverpool have hijacked Spurs’ move for Porto’s Diaz, who is expected to finalise a move to Anfield imminently.

Now, Ornstein is reporting for The Athletic that Tottenham have approached Juventus for Kulusevski, winger and former Serie A Young Player of the Year.

It is believed the Londoners have made a loan offer which includes an obligation to buy next summer.

Kulusevski is not a regular starter for Juventus and his contract runs out in the summer of 2025, so it makes sense that they would try to sell him now in order to collect a reasonable fee.

Spurs, meanwhile, are in need of a more depth in attack, so adding another winger is logical – though there are arguably other positions they should be prioritising before the transfer window closes.

As with moves for Diaz and Adama Traore, nothing is certain until it’s done, so this deal is anything but complete.


  1. Bound to fall through(if it is true in the 1st place).Either will not want to join or the Poisonous Dwarf will torpedo the deal.100% sure of it.

  2. Classic Spurs. Wait until the last week of the window and make low ball offer. Don’t blame the media, blame Levy. If you want Diaz, do it early January and pay the fee rather than haggling over a few million. Pathetic!

    • Tottenham did bid early but the player did not want to come to Tottenham. If he had wanted to come the deal would have been completed just like with Ndombele, Lo Celso, Romero, Gil, Emerson, Hojbjerg and all the other players Tottenham have bought recently. Once the selling club had a good offer they leaked the story and Liverpool, the club he wanted to join, came in for him. This is how transfers are done. There is a pecking order and players will go to Liverpool and Barca before Tottenham. Either Tottenham can try to sign quality players and get ridiculed for failing or not go for them and get ridiculed for not going for them. Everyone thought Ddombele was a brilliant signing and that it was a major coup and he’s been garbage.

  3. Tight fisted. Bluish man. No, really. Same old Spurs. If the fans embraced reality over fiction and media fed politicised hysteria, they may let the rest of us get on with reality. If this happens in the summer, missing targets, we should all get up and leave, along with Conte. But the club knows how gullible and self interested so called fans are now. New audience, new lies, same owners, same Tottenham! Lets eradicate anti semitism though first, from the only self identifying Jewish club in the league and country. Those at the Telegraph and others seeking new security and surveillance contracts at the club, because its always been such a hot bed and terrifying place for fans to go to.. from any, every, all communities. The middle classes and their owners want a white wash, a take over and restructuring of our game and our shared culture. Wish they’d stick to invading settlements and countries needing their selective democratic processes and leave us and our game alone. We are not Aborigine’s seeking their conquest and theft of our already calm and beautiful lands. Go back to rugby, cricket etc and reform yourselves. We need a skilful winning football team not a cub scout doo gooders hut placed where we once visited as fans of the same club. With cameras, police state conditions, policies, happy clappers and secret denialist despots, prescribing to others how speak or cheer and, when told. Thats not our game. Its just not cricket.. (with reference to sneaky A1 firms offering support for our victimised littke fans from all us biggits. Fuck right off with that division kit. We are one at Spurs. No anti vaxers, brexiteers or any other of these shitty little names aimed, solely at dividing our commonalities. Failing that, start your own sport, league, industry, lifestyle, culture and stop using power to steal ours. We are tired of it and nobody offers us tissues when crying over our cereal bowls in life. Oh, btw sell Dele…
    *knew i came in here for something


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