Kane has already shown us his intentions to move out of Tottenham, and Man City could be waiting eagerly on the wings for him next summer. This might leave the Spurs with a giant hole in their squad, which Son could have to fill. But is he capable of doing that?

The recent concern about the possibility of Kane’s exit from Tottenham has overshadowed the four-year contract extension by Son. Most people outside the club didn’t hear about this exciting news, as they were concerned by Kane’s recent attitude. So did Tottenham secure their club by taking their most valuable asset off the transfer club?

Transfer fees

When comparing players, the first thing that comes to mind is the price any club is willing to pay for them. While this may not be the best way to judge the player’s abilities, it gives us a hint about the player’s potential. Mauricio Pochettino, the then Tottenham manager, paid £27m to transfer Son, and over the years, his total transfer fees have accumulated to £36m.

On the other hand, Kane has no definite transfer fee as he is not sold as of today, but it was suggested last summer that Tottenham wanted £160m for the player. Manchester City didn’t think that he was worth that investment.

The website transfermarkt values Kane at £90m, compared to Son’s £72m. With Son a year older than Kane, his valuation seems nearer the mark than Kane’s.

Current Stats

The obvious winner when talking about stats is Harry Kane, who made 39 assists and scored 185 goals in his total appearances (259) all over the competitions, according to Plant sports. On the other hand, Son has scored only 107 goals with 64 assists in a total of 280 appearances. But we must remember that Son usually plays on the left (but he has also played up-front under Jose Mourinho’s management), while Kane has his spot in the front as a striker.

Kane also wins the stats game in the international scene as he has scored 38 goals in just 61 appearances, while Son scored only 27 and assisted 17 times in a total of 93 appearances. You should also note that Kane usually faces tougher players in England, while the opposition in the Asian cup is considerably lower for Son.

When it comes to this season, Son has competed pretty evenly with Kane. Though the England captain has 18 goals this season for Spurs, only eight have come in the Premier League. Son has scored ten Premier League goals and also has five assists, compared to Kane’s three. 

So, now it’s up to you to decide which player is worth betting on. There may be other factors to consider, but the stats speak for themselves. If you liked this article, please check out casino bonus NZ for high bonuses at online casinos in New Zealand.



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