When you’re following the transfer activity of your team through the unreliable medium of the newspapers, the activities of the management often make little or no sense.

Many Spurs fans will be wondering why for example, Harry Redknapp and Daniel Levy seem willing to pay £11m for two relatively untried right backs and possibly £12m for Peter Crouch, when there is someone like Klass-Jan Huntelaar available for £18m.

Bound For Ambitious Stuttgart?
Bound For Ambitious Stuttgart?

It seems likely that the Dutch international will join Stuttgart, despite making it quite clear that he would prefer to join a Premier League club. With none of the real giants of European football seemingly interested in signing Huntelaar, here was an opportunity to sign a top class player, with a goalscoring record that few could equal.

Instead we have sat back and if reports are to be believed, done nothing. Why? One can only presume that in an ideal world Harry would like a player of Huntelaar’s quality leading the Spurs attack, so it can only be down to money.

You would have thought that the transfer fee wouldn’t have proved a problem. We’ve already received over £10m in fees this summer and it is obvious that other players will follow Zokora and Gunter, out of White Hart Lane.

So it can only be the wages. Huntelaar must be on a fair whack at Real Madrid. Is the problem that we don’t want to break our wage structure to bring him to Tottenham?

It shows a lack of ambition if this is the case. A player scoring 20-30 goals in a season would make a huge difference for any team and Huntelaar is the sort of player capable of such feats.

Unlike others, I don’t think that Peter Crouch would turn out to be a terrible signing for us. He’s proven his quality at Premier League level and you know what you will get with him. Sometimes though, it takes a step into the unknown, if you’re going to reap the rewards. A safety first attitude in the transfer market, is likely to produce mediocre results.




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