Typical Spurs. We play another Premier League team off the park, to claim yet another bit of sparkling silverware, only to then lose our next game to South China. Here are the long overdue highlights.

By all reports the South China game was a bit of a farce, with lots of youngsters given a game and people being played out of position, with Danny Rose at left back and Keane in central midfield.

Speaking of Keane, I thought he had a stormer against Hull. He and Defoe played on the shoulder of their markers, as we suckered Hull into coming at us, before launching swift counter attacks. Modric’s ball for Keane’s first goal was a joy. I’m starting to get the same feeling about Luka that I got with Dimitar. He’s so good, that it can’t be long before the European giants are sniffing around him.



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