Darren Bent could sign and play for Sunderland in a friendly tonight, reports The Sun. If only Bent still had access to a Twitter account so we really would know what was going on.

Once Bent has been safely shoved out of our revolving door, we will move for Klass-Jan Huntelaar says The Daily Express.

The Sun also states that Leeds are to sell Delph to Villa, because they ‘behaved properly’, which you imagine is a veiled dig at our shady transfer market behaviour.

The Daily Mail reports on our injury crisis in defence, as it is revealed that Woodgate needs another hernia operation.

The Times breaks the hardly surprising news that Joe Cole would rather stay at the Lesser Scum from West London, rather than join us.



  1. Nice blog.

    I don’t think we will miss Bent. We have enough good strikers even if we won’t get Huntelaar. If we get a good defender I think we can reach a top 4 spot this year.

    Regarding transfers we missed Marcus Berg and that would have been the best transfer Tottenham could have done.

  2. Thanks Stefan.

    Yes, I agree. Would have preferred us to get Huntelaar over Crouch, but we’re now in a position of having four good strikers, who are all pretty different in their style of play. Not sure who’d we’d be able to sell if we brought in Huntelaar and as we’re not in Europe this season, we don’t have so many games to be able to rotate our squad.

    Marcus Berg did look pretty good in the U21 tournament. Wasn’t too expensive either.


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