I am marooned in South London, so the easiest route to White Hart Lane for me, is to get on the Northern Line, before changing at Stockwell for the Victoria Line. I can then spend the rest of the journey, relaxed and looking forward to my first pint.

Unfortunately the days when I can actually take this route are rarer than a Didier Zokora hat-trick. The Victoria Line is a mass of replacement bus services every weekend, turning what should be a simple journey, into an epic trek of Planes, Trains and Automobiles proportions.

I hoped that the engineering work may have been completed over the summer, though in truth I held no real hope. Having just checked the TFL website, I was unsurprised to find that the line remains in a state of disrepair and this weekend will see the normal disruptions taking place, regardless of the fact that over 36,000 people need to get to N17.

So it looks like my Sunday will see another complicated journey to Liverpool Street, although on the plus side, I at least will be able to drop in at Burger King on the way.



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