Carrick + £10m = Modric?

Carrick + £10m = Modric?


Due to some lazy journalism the web has been awash with rumours that Manchester United are planning a bid of £10m and Michael Carrick in exchange for Luka Modric.

It seems to have basically stemmed from the fact that Carrick didn’t play against Wigan and Harry was recently quoted as saying that Ferguson was an admirer of Modric.

Personally I think it’s rubbish. Whilst I can envisage United sniffing around Modric next summer, I don’t think that they’d sacrifice Carrick to get him now.

After years of trying to find a replacement for Roy Keane, United brought in Carrick to much derision. None of that derision came from Spurs fans, as we knew exactly how good he was. Three domestic titles and a Champions League win later and Carrick now seems something of a bargain.

Since selling Carrick we’ve struggled to find the right balance in midfield. This season we might have it right, with Palacios and Huddlestone looking a very solid combination. I could well imagine Carrick combining with Palacios, but should Wilson get injured or suspended, Carrick and Huddlestone seem too similar to play together.

It wouldn’t have been too long ago when I would have ripped off Fergie’s right arm to get Carrick back and might have happily sacrificed Modric. That is the measure of how bad Didier Zokora was. Now I’d rather we give Huddlestone the chance to prove himself and sign another central midfielder that could provide effective back up to Palacios.

There’s also the fact that Carrick is 28, whilst Modric is just 23. We signed Luka for £16.5m and if we ever sell him, it should be for big bucks that eclipse the fee we received for Berbatov. If Gareth Barry cost £12m this summer, then Carrick must be worth £15m tops and a £25m package is just not enough for a player with the potential of Modric.

Anyway, I’m not quite sure why I’m analysing this in such detail, when I think that the story is absolute rubbish. Why don’t the press stop whipping us into a lather and concentrate on more worthy causes, like forcing Rafa Benitez to be sacked by Liverpool?


  1. Hudd aint the answer – we need someone to partner Wilson if we really want to push on. I’d love Carrick to be that someone, but not at the expense of Modric – not for a second.

  2. Agree. Swap deals are hardly common and why would they want to get rid of Carrick?? I would love to see him back playing in a midfield with Palacios, Lennon and Modric.

    Suspect Modric will move to Man Utd next season and we will replace him with someone like Zokora……

  3. West Ham fans are idiots.
    He’d made his England debut by now, as well as being shortlisted for the PFA Young Player of the year (yes – I checked wikipedia), whereas Huddlestone is still struggling to hold down a first team spot.
    He just doesn’t have the mobility and tenacity necessary to play in a central pairing if we’re going to have two loose players on the wings.


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