One of the great things about away matches these days, is that even if you don’t have a ticket and it’s not being televised live, there’s always some dodgy internet feed that allows you to watch the game.

The downside can be the quality of the feed. On Saturday I watched Bolton v Tottenham on a feed that was so choppy you could be forgiven for thinking that the coverage of the match was being directed by Ray Harryhausen. Sometimes I yearn for the good old days of Ceefax.

Despite the poor feed, there was no mistaking the fact that we were very lucky to go in at half time with the score at 1-1. We were a little more dangerous in the second half but still had to come from behind again to earn a 2-2 draw. You could think of this as a failure, but given our record at the Reebok and the fact that we twice responded when Bolton went ahead, I see reasons to be cheerful.

We have capitulated against Bolton and at so many other away grounds, that to come away with a draw that we did not really deserve is a sign of progress. The southern softies are beginning to harden like conkers soaked in vinegar and baked in the oven.

It’s all very well playing pretty football and it’s what all supporters of Tottenham want to see, but sometimes you need to mix it up a bit. That’s just what we did to equalise in the first half, when Palacios looped it up for the towering Crouch to head down towards Kranjcar, who volleyed home.

Our second equaliser came from a powerful header by Corluka from a corner. It was all very reminiscent of a Sam Allardyce-era Bolton and in stark contrast to their second goal, in which the live-wire duo of Tamir Cohen and Lee Chung-Yong combined beautifully to carve out a chance for Kevin Davies to head home (some things never change).

The game provided the first real look at the Crouch and Keane partnership and it has to be said that we looked a lot more dangerous when Defoe replaced our captain. Big Crouchie made a nuisance of himself throughout the game, but his finishing could have been better.

All in all, it was very much a point won rather than two points lost and should therefore the should be celebrated. The best teams get results they really don’t deserve and that’s what we must do if we’re to keep up with the front runners this season.




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