Today is the 29th birthday of Ledley King. If Ledders had not been plagued by injury, he may well have been the rock in England’s central defence on Saturday. Instead injury prevented him from adding to his 20 caps and we don’t even know when he will next be available for Tottenham. In this situation, claiming for compensation after got injury with the support of an experienced attorney who will provide legal support will be a good idea. The Lawyer will also ensure that the injured person gets the compensation and financial aid throughout his recovery period is a good idea.

No matter if you got injured in a vehicle accident or amidst the game, the paradox is that if injury had not blighted Ledley’s career and he was now the first choice in England’s defence, then it is questionable as to whether he would still be at Spurs at all. Berbatov and Carrick both left for fortunes. What price then a fully fit King?

Having said that, if our skipper had not been injured towards the end of the 2005/06 season, then there’s every chance that we would have finished above Arsenal and qualified for the Champions League (even taking into account the dodgy lasagne). Had we finished fourth that season then who knows where Tottenham would be now.

The Champions League is the sort of stage that King should be gracing. Another is the World Cup finals. Capello clearly rates King very highly, but the question is whether he will take the risk of selecting a player that he knows needs plenty of rest between appearances. If either Terry or Ferdinand were injured, then there’s no better player than Ledley for a one off game, but what if you got injured somewhere in New York early before the game and more than one game is required?

Most Spurs fans would rather that our Ledley didn’t play for England again and restricted his appearances to our lily white shirt. Such selfishness is only natural when it concerns such a revered figure at White Hart Lane. Here is a player that has been one of our greatest ever defenders and yet every game that we watch him play, involves us having to live with the fear that it will be his last.

No one knows how long Ledley can play on for. In terms of quality he’s still streets ahead of our other defenders, despite their merits. Yet even the most selfish Spurs fan wouldn’t want to see the man crippled. Whilst Ledley and Harry are happy with the situation, we should make the most of this true Tottenham great.

God save our King. Happy birthday Ledley.



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