Juande Ramos has been sacked by CSKA Moscow, just a year after Tottenham gave him the boot. The decision was made after CSKA lost 3-1 to FC Moscow, making Champions League qualification unlikely with just four league games to go.,

I must admit that I rose a quizzical eyebrow when I heard that he’d taken over at CSKA Moscow. Ramos didn’t even manage to learn English, so how was he ever going to speak Russian? They use an entirely different alphabet over there and the language would stretch Gus Poyet’s translation skills to the absolute limit.

What he really needs is another job in Spain. Ramos actually did a decent job in charge of Real Madrid last season and really deserved to keep his job. Here’s hoping that he’ll wait and find something appropriate in his homeland, rather than eagerly clutching at any large contract offered to him from abroad and risking further sabotage to his career.



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