Yesterday the news broke that Pavlyuchenko would ‘insist’ on leaving Tottenham in January. This is fine by me, as I’d been hoping that Harry would ‘insist’ that he leave anyway.

Today comes the story that Pavlyuchenko will sign for Liverpool. As far as I can see, it’s based on the fact that everyone knows that Pav will be off and that Liverpool are in desperate need of another striker, after Benitez stubbornly refused to buy one last summer as any sensible person would.

It’s just another case of 2 +2 = 5. Firstly, the rumours are that Liverpool will take Pavlyuchenko on loan. Why would we let that happen? We are competing against Liverpool for a Champions League place, so what motivation would we have to strengthen their squad, whilst weakening ours, without receiving any remuneration?

As we all know, Russian clubs owned by sub-Abramovich characters with pots of money to spend, are ten a penny these days. One of them will stump up around £8m to £9m to bring the prodigal son back home and we’ll call it an ‘undisclosed fee’ and pretend that we received more.

It’s a shame that Liverpool are skint, as I’d like to see Pavlyuchenko go there. You would have thought that they would have learned their lesson about buying our players after Paul Stewart, Neil Ruddock and Robbie Keane all looked terrible at Liverpool.

Considering that Pavlyuchenko isn’t actually playing very well for us, one could only imagine how bad the Scousers could make him.



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