This is typical of what it feels like to be a Tottenham fan. We’ve just won 9-1 and if I supported any other side that had achieved such a feat, then I’d be very confident of victory in the following game.

Instead, I find myself in a position where I’d be reasonably happy with a draw. We’re away at Villa who are a really good team, but still… 9-1.

So I thought that I’d trawl through the history books to look at other huge wins we’ve enjoyed over the years and see how we followed them up in the next game. Here’s the stats:

1958 – Tottenham 10 Everton 4 – Next Game: Leicester 3 Tottenham 4

1977 – Tottenham 9 Bristol Rovers 0 – Next Game: Stoke 1 Tottenham 3

1962 – Tottenham 9 Nottingham Forest 2 – Next Game: Tottenham 4 Arsenal 4

1931 Tottenham 9 Port Vale 3 – Next Game: Millwall 1 Tottenham 2

1936 Tottenham 8 Southampton 0 – Next Game: Blackpool 2 Tottenham 4

There’s reason to look on the bright side then. We’ve followed up our five biggest ever league wins of the past, with victories in four of them and just one draw in the North London derby.

However, I also looked at our biggest league win in recent years, which was the 7-2 victory over Southampton in 1999/2000. We followed that result up by losing to Arsenal 2-1 and then went four further games without a win, culminating in a 4-2 home loss to Aston Villa.

Maybe a draw wouldn’t be such a bad result after all.




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