Neil Ruddock. Here was a player that could have been a Spurs legend. He came through our ranks and was then brought back to the club to partner Gary Mabbutt, having played for Millwall and Southampton.

‘Razor’ was one of our star players in the 1992-93 season and there was talk of us signing Des Walker to partner him in defence. Then, as always seems to be the case at Tottenham, everything blew up in our faces.

Sugar and Venables fell out and El Tel was out of the door at Spurs. Ruddock spoke out publicly in the defence of Venables, which was a cue for his agent Eric ‘Monster, Monster’ Hall, to engineer a transfer away from Tottenham.

At the first sign of trouble, Ruddock walked out on us for Liverpool, despite having made a big deal about how much he loved the club. Like all Spurs players signed by Liverpool, he wasn’t a great success and Ruddock subsequently floated between clubs, as he struggled with his weight.

Which brings us onto his Wikipedia photo. Had Ruddock stayed at Spurs and buckled down, then perhaps he would have won more than his one cap for England. He might have played at Euro 96 and when choosing a picture for his Wikipedia page, the editor would have chosen an image of him representing his country.

Instead he choose the image that follows below, which seems to sum up why Ruddock’s career went down the toilet somewhat.

He may be in disguise, but his burger eating technique is unmistakable.
He may be in disguise, but his burger eating technique is unmistakable.


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