Our Harry is praising Arsene Wenger in his column in The Sun, for having completed a good bit of business with his re-signing of Sol Campbell.

Obviously Redknapp is a big admirer of Campbell, having worked with him at Portsmouth. He even admitted that he would have signed him in the summer, had he been working at any other club than Tottenham. Today, Harry says:

Wenger can rely on Campbell to do the business.

He will give 100 per cent and still has the ability to play Premier League football.

I thought when he went to Notts County it was a mistake. He was far better than that. He is a good, solid, experienced figure, who now will be back at home with Arsenal.

As well as being good on the pitch, Campbell will strike an inspiring figure for the club’s young players.

He has gone full circle. It will not help England’s cause but Arsenal’s title challenge has just moved to another level.

Far be it from me to disagree with the highly-paid views of our esteemed manager, but really? Yes, he’s free, but why is he considered a good signing at 35-years old?

Campbell hasn’t played a game since September when he walked out on Notts County, having decided that the thirty pieces of silver he received to join the League 2 club wasn’t worth the aggravation reassessed the challenges that he wants to take on at this stage of his career.

Let’s not forget that Campbell’s one game for Notts County was a 2-1 defeat against Morecambe. That was his first game, since last playing for Portsmouth in a 1-0 end of season loss against Wigan.

So adding his appearance for Arsenal reserves to the equation, Campbell has played in three games in eight months. He might still have the experience in his head, but so has Mike England and I wouldn’t want him turning out for Spurs next week.

I for one would like nothing better than for Campbell to playing for the Goons when they turn up at White Hart Lane on April 10th, not just so that we can give him one last rousing reception, but also to witness Jermain Defoe and very possibly Peter Crouch, outpacing him at every opportunity.



  1. I saw Campbell’s game at Morecambe, the first he played after a few weeks getting himself ‘match fit’. He was ponderous and carrying too much weight. Of course he read the game well but he was given a run-around by Morecambe’s forwards and was way off the pace.
    A great signing for the Gooners!


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