Despite the number of names that were tipped to leave Tottenham during this transfer window, things have been very quiet. It certainly doesn’t look like we’ll sell more than one player at most, so yesterday I set up a poll to determine who you would most like to see leave.

One of my motivations was to test the water regarding the popularity of Robbie Keane. I saw another poll on a similarly named site, in which 61% of voters said that they would like to see Keane sold and I wondered how this would hold up against our other players.

Keane polled 23% of our vote, behind Bentley with 26% and the player who you would most like to see the back of, Roman Pavlyuchenko, with 36%.

Our Russian striker still has plenty of vocal supporters, who defended him in our comments section, but he has managed to alienate a lot of people.

I think that almost all our fans would agree that Pav hasn’t been given much of a chance to prove himself this season, but the way that he and his agent are constantly bleating to the press, have done him no favours.

If we accept that Harry doesn’t like him as a player, then now is the time to sell him. At 28 years old, he is hardly a veteran, yet no one is going to pay anything like the fee we want for him, if we wait too long.

The trouble is, it’s hard to see who will stump up the sort of figures being bandied around. Zenit have dropped out and it would be a massive gamble for a Premier League team to take.

I for one would not be in the least surprised if Pavlyuchenko is still with us until the end of the season.



  1. The guy is rightly pi**ed off. To be left out of the side to accomodate that “goalscorer” Peter Crouch. Argue all you like that Crouch does more than score (he’d damn well have to as well, wouldn’t he cos he’s hardly ever been prolific in front of goal), but who says Pav wouldn’t? Before Defoe’s injury last season the partnership of Pav and Defoe’s injury looked promising. As the poster above said… it’s a joke.

  2. he not Jenas need to go as well – if ever player should be doing more it should be him – while i’m on the rant why is that only quick player/winger on spurs book is lennon ?


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