Yesterday I posted the second in my series of Vague Tottenham Lookalikes, as I compared Luka Modric with Jay from Inbetweeners.

The comments section soon became full of suggestions of other Luka-likes, which I’ve now grouped together for your visual pleasure, along with a couple of others that occurred to me. I’ve left out Johan Cruyff, as it’s a pretty boring comparison considering that he is also a footballer and isn’t a woman.

The craze that swept a nation started here.
Sexy Gail.
The witch from Chorlton and the Wheelies.
Funny faced comedian from the Virgin Airways ads.
Luka the Heartbreaker.
Kranjcar v Kranjcar.
The bloke from Talk Talk.
Sally's looks have been a major hurdle in her life.
Occured to me last night while watching Mad Men. Go Pegs!

Any more?




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