Yesterday we opened a poll to ask you whether you thought that David Bentley had a chance of resurrecting his Tottenham career, or despite his recent form, we should still endeavour to sell him in the summer. A resounding 91% voted that Bentley can be a success a Spurs.

No one should get carried away with Bentley’s performance against Leeds, who are after all a League 1 side and we shouldn’t forget that it has taken him around 18 months at the club to find any kind of form. It is though a relief to see Bentley’s confidence finally begin to grow and for him to start paying back a fraction of the fee we paid two summers ago.

Bentley will have to play brilliantly between now and whenever Aaron Lennon returns to fitness, if he’s to stay on the right wing, or prove that he can play elsewhere on the pitch. Both are big challenges and only time will tell if he can prove successful.

So let’s hope that Bentley proves he’s ready for a fight, with another good performance against Aston Villa tomorrow. Here’s some memories of what he’s capable of. A couple more like this and he’ll find that White Hart Lane can be a very forgiving place.



  1. If you’re anywhere in earshot of David tomorrow do your best to lift his spirits,because for sure if our Bentleys playing well it can only be good for your Spurs.

  2. as ive said before some spurs fans have to eat their negative comments………

    there was a time when bentley couldnt do anything right…….

    but thats football……..good to see his attitude was spot on for leeds………

  3. He’s definetitely got the ability, now he’s showing the apetite. Top work from H! Come on Bents, really want you to fulfill the promise. COYS


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